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“The barn was the heart of the farm.” Help Pete’s Greens Rebuild

On January 12th at 4:20 AM, Pete was awakened by a loud noise outside. Out the window he could see the CSA’s barn engulfed in flames. He called the fire department immediately, but the barn was a total loss by the time they arrived.

Since all the food is gone, Pete’s Greens “Good Eats” CSA shares will not be available for the foreseeable future. Planting for spring crops has already begun, so hopefully there will be something to deliver by April.

Current customers will hear from Amy about refunds or credits for future crops.

It’s so sad to see a thriving local business take such a big hit. We at Green Energy Times wish the family the best of luck, and hope all our readers will take this opportunity to help them rebuild – either by donating, or by choosing not seek a refund or credit.

To donate to the reubilding fund, see the Paypal button on the fire page at

Thank you for supporting Vermont agriculture.

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