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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

See You at the VT State House!

Date: Feb. 3, 2011, events all day, beginning at 8:30 AM (see below)
Location: Vermont Statehouse Room 11, 109 State St, Montpelier

Join Vermont’s Climate Champions as we build a powerful statewide movement for Climate Action.

Our coalition – from grassroots activists to grasstops leaders – believes regaining and preserving a stable climate is the most important thing we can do to preserve healthy life on this planet, today and for all future generations.

Vermont can be an important national climate leader, and 2011 is the year Vermont’s Climate Action movement gathers to support a powerful mandate for bold local solutions to climate change and peak oil.

Vermont Climate Action Day Schedule

8:30am – Rep. Jason Lorber runs a mini-workshop on how to meet with our legislators.

10am – Rally with music, speakers, art, a press conference, and your chance to sign the Climate Action Bill of Rights.

Noon – Take your Representatives to lunch in the Statehouse Cafeteria.

2pm – Climate Community Schmooze and Strategy Session. Folks from all over the state get a chance to meet each other, share stories of their work, and strategize about how we create a diverse, effective, and unified movement.

Potential discussion topics include:
♦ Statewide climate and peak oil response plan which matches the scale of the challenge
♦ Vermont joining the United Nations Climate Neutral Network
♦ Solutions that are equitable, universal, accountable, transparent and participative
♦ Forming a climate change cabinet or agency to implement state plans
♦ Environmental costs of fossil fuel use reflected in our economy
♦ Stronger focus on developing funding sources for clean energy solutions
♦ Higher priority to green jobs in state economic development programs

Bring your self, your art (Really! Bring your art to decorate the Statehouse!), your vision, your innovative ideas, your passion, and help make Vermont a shining beacon of hope and possibility.

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