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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

May 12 News


  • During World War II, the Germans built the Wilhelmsburg flak bunker as part of the air defense for Hamburg. Now the Wilhelmsburg flak bunker is being transformed into the  Energiebunker, for solar power generation and storage.[EarthTechling]
  • Renewable energy projects, especially wind farms, are succeeding in Scotland. [Hydrogen Fuel News]


  • Greenpeace, ranking corporations in its “Cool IT Leaderboard” report, said Google and Cisco are tied for first place. [Hydrogen Fuel News]
  • Terra-Gen Power, a renewable power producers, filed a document saying after investing $3 billion, it is being punished by two-year delays in the Tehachapi transmission project resulting from opposition by Chino Hills, California. [Chino Champion]
  • Iowa does not have wind resources that are as great as those of Nebraska, but Iowa is getting investment in wind power far faster. The reason has to do different approaches by the state governments. [Lincoln Journal Star]

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