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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

May 13 News

Politics and Economics:

  • G20 leaders have repeatedly committed to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, which one estimate puts at 2.5% of global GDP. Despite the talk, not much progress has been made. [The Interpreter]


  • Chile which has one of the greatest potentials for geothermal energy development in Latin America, also lacked incentives for investment going past the exploratory phase. A strategic partnership with New Zealand aims to change that situation. []
  • Members of parliaments from India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are visiting London this week to urge the UK to be more ambitious in its transition to renewable energy and maintain a more active role at the international climate change negotiations. [Responding to Climate Change]
  • Hit hard by a power crisis, the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is focusing on renewable energy. It has started on a major solar energy initiative, announcing a Solar Energy Policy, to generate 3,000 MW in the next few years. [The New Indian Express]
  • Solaria Corporation, which is based in Fremont, California, has announced it has established operations in China to meet demand for high-efficiency large-scale solar projects in that country. [Your Renewable News]


  • Solar project developer AllEarth Renewables chose ReneSola panels for three separate community-scale solar power projects in Vermont in the last few months. The sites are at Williston, Bridport, and at New Leaf Organic Farm in Monkton. [Your Renewable News]
  • Wind power has many benefits. One is better economic stability than traditional thermal generating systems that are subject changing conditions in fuel markets. Another is offering employment opportunities. [Today’s Energy Solutions]

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