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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

May 16 News


  • “Who’s leading – and who’s lagging – in the global renewables race?” Renewable power production rates of countries are compared.  [RenewEconomy]


  • Scotland’s tallest ever wind turbine will be constructed by Samsung. The offshore demonstration wind turbine, with a capacity of 7 MW and 640 feet tall, will be deployed off the Scottish coastline at the Fife Energy Park [Renewable Energy Magazine]


  • The wine-making town of Sebastopol, California has become the second municipality in the state to require that solar panels be installed in all new building construction.[Huffington Post]
  • Walmart has announced the completion of eight new solar PV arrays in Massachusetts. The arrays have almost 10,000 panels and will provide 2.8 million kWh annually.[Environmental Expert]
  • The US National Nuclear Security Administration has awarded a contract to Siemens to provide five 2.3 MW wind turbines to supply electric power to its Pantex plant in Texas.[Recharge]
  • A peer-reviewed paper from Stanford says not only could New York run entirely on renewables by 2030, but eliminating burning fossil fuels would save New York $33 billion each year in medical expenses and mortality. [Buffalo News]

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