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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

May 24 News


  • “Microgrids: A Utility’s Best Friend or Worst Enemy?” As arguments against renewables prove faulty, microgrids are beginning to prove their worth. But it threatens the status quo.[Energy Collective]

Science and Technology:

  • Clarkson University and the city of Ogdensburg, New York, are collaborating on a proposed sludge-to-renewable-fuel pilot program based on research done at Clarkson. Sludge will be turned to fuel instead of going to a landfill. []


  • Experience in Europe suggests the best way of persuading local people to accept wind farms is to ensure they have some share of the potential benefits. [The Economist]
  • There is a growing chorus of analysts saying solar power is reaching grid parity. Analysts at Deutsche Bank predict that even more markets throughout the world will become sustainable solar markets without subsidies within a year. [EcoSeed]
  • Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. closed a $72 million non-recourse construction and term project financing for the Northwest Stave River run-of-river hydroelectric project located in British Columbia, Canada. [Electric Light & Power]
  • Increased government investment in renewables could save UK consumers billions on their energy bills in the years ahead. []


  • Google has made huge investments in wind and solar power. Now, it has just bought an unusual company, Makani Power, a startup working on airborne kite-like wind turbines. [Treehugger]
  • A company in Rhode Island plans to convert up to 2,000 tons of biomass, such as recycled paper, tree clippings, sewage, sludge and potentially energy crops such as algae, into 120,000 gallons of synthetic diesel fuel, each day. [Providence Eyewitness News]
  • Attorneys general in Vermont, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut are petitioning the NRC for a more thorough environmental review of storage of highly radioactive nuclear waste at plant sites. [Valley News]

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