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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

June 10 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

  • A new type of small wind turbine for home and urban use is quieter and more efficient than older models. In addition, it operates with winds of lower speeds. []


  • China is increasingly becoming a global force in international clean energy investment, too. In fact, the country has provided nearly $40 billion to other countries’ solar and wind industries over the past decade. []
  • The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has launched an AUD$400 million (US$377 million) fund to displace diesel use in remote areas of the country. The fund will generate 150 MW of new renewables capacity. [pv magazine]
  • The Cook Islands government says it is ready to start renewable energy project. The project will provide a 24-hour electric supply powered by PVs to community mini-grids on the most vulnerable and isolated islands. [Radio New Zealand International]


  • The U.S. Defense Department announced 240 new contracts for its renewable energy in May totaling $19.4 billion, a 2.1% increase from April’s total.[Washington Post]
  • A just-proposed California law would drop the state’s 33% renewables mandate in favor of a cost-effective, coherently procured greentech future. The plan is backed by renewables advocates and approved by grid operator leadership. [Energy Collective]
  • After over a year of preparations and near-shore testing, the Fishermen’s Energy Wind Sentinel buoy was relocated to an offshore area, eleven miles east of Ocean City, NJ, proposed by Fishermen’s Energy for a 350 MW windfarm. [Your Renewable News]


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