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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

June 24 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

  • A research team at Sharp Corporation has announced that it has created a solar cell capable of converting 44.4% of incoming sunlight into electricity. [CleanTechnica]


  • The German Society for International Cooperation released a report saying once a Feed-in-Tariff becomes effective, renewable energy can help answer a growing energy demand  in the Philippines, with an affordable impact on household electricity bills. [Rappler]
  • A “climate bomb” of potent greenhouse gases far more damaging to the climate than carbon dioxide is set to be released by some of the world’s leading producers of refrigerants following a ban on climate credits by the European Emissions Trading Scheme. [CNN]


  • The California Hydrogen Business Council has implemented a program to further the wider market adoption of hydrogen as a form of energy storage and advance  commercialization of hydrogen as fuel. [bestmag]
  • As Congress considers scaling back or abolishing US rules that mandate the use of renewable fuels, it has full support of most of the petroleum industry. BP, one of the world’s biggest oil companies by revenue wants to continue the rules without change. [Washington Post]
  • The US Army had a power problem, and the consequence was no small matter: Troops were left more vulnerable to sniper attacks. But now, the Army says, the use of solar and wind systems is keeping the power flowing and, as a result, helping reduce casualties. [EarthTechling]
  • A new environmental group in Massachusetts will ask voters to be the first in the nation to adopt a carbon tax by imposing new levies on fossil fuels based on the amount of carbon dioxide they produce. The tax could generate $2.5 billion in revenues per year. [Boston Globe]

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