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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 6 Green Energy News


  • In the UK, it is now possible to buy gas from two suppliers that is 100% renewable under the Green Gas Certification Scheme. Most of the gas is generated from anaerobic digestion. [Energy Live News]
  • Desertec Foundation and the Desertec Industrial Initiative, the two main advocates of driving the European renewable energy revolution with desert solar power, have split. They both say their plans for desert solar power have not changed. [The Guardian]
  • Germany’s boom in green power, coupled with the lowest demand in 10 years, cut production at nuclear reactors and sent the average operating margin at 15 European utilities to the lowest since 2002, company data compiled by Bloomberg show. [Businessweek]


  • Legislation to expand access to clean and affordable renewable energy to millions of Californians who currently can’t take advantage of the state’s renewable programs has taken another step toward the Governor’s desk. [The Reporter]
  • The New Mexico State Land Office is seeking lease bids for the El Cabo wind farm, a proposed 1 GW project that would be built on state trust land. According to the office, the project would be located on 33,600 acres and built in several phases. [North American Windpower]
  • With the completion last month of a solar project at the Charlotte, N.C., IKEA store, the company now has solar on 39 of its 44 U.S. facilities, totaling up to close to 38 MW of generation. []
  • The Public Service Board has held its final day of hearings on whether the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant’s continued operation is in the best interest of the public and therefore merits a new license. []


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