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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 10 Green Energy News


  • Germany set a new record for solar power with an output of 23.9 GW.  The previous record, 22 GW was set in May. About 8.5 million people live in buildings in Germany that use their own solar power systems to generate electricity or heat. [Responding to Climate Change]
  • All four export cables are in place at the UK’s 576 MW Gwynt y Mor offshore wind farm, representing another milestone for the €2 billion ($2.6 billion) project off the coast of North Wales. [Recharge]
  • Severe pollution has slashed an average of five and half years from life expectancy in northern China, as toxic air has led to higher rates of stroke, heart disease and cancer. The main pollution source is coal. [CNN Money]
  • A major Dutch bank has decided to cease lending money to unconventional fossil fuel projects – shale gas and tar sands – because of the environmental and social implications. [Business Spectator]
  • Ontario is to host Canada’s first nuclear emergency response support centre to house critical equipment in the event an extreme, Fukushima-like disaster cripples on-site safety systems at a nuclear reactor. [Ottawa Citizen]


  • More than 30 states considered legislation this year to change their renewable energy standards. Of the 121 bills considered that would change standards, 16 bills passed, including 8 that increased renewable standards and none that reduced them. [Northern Colorado Business Report]
  • The federal agency managing public lands issued a 20-year ban on mining on nearly 304,000 acres in six western states to promote solar energy development. The ban is in 17 areas in California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. [Press-Enterprise]
  • President Obama has nominated Vice Adm. Dennis V. McGinn (Ret.) as the Navy’s assistant secretary for energy, installations and environment. McGinn comes over from the American Council on Renewable Energy. [The Hill]
  • Through more than $1 billion in investments and large contracts for renewable power, Google has become the most significant player in the energy business outside of actual energy companies and financial institutions. [The Advocate]
  • Federal officials are considering routing nuclear waste through downtown Las Vegas and heavily populated areas around the city. Federal analysis found going through populated areas would produce no significant environmental differences. [Las Vegas Sun]

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