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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 12 Green Energy News


  • “Nuclear Renaissance was just a Fairy Tale” Peter Bradford of the Vermont Law School tells us the gap between nuclear rhetoric and nuclear reality has been a fundamental impediment to wise energy policy decisions for half a century now. [The Guardian]
  • “It may not pay to be green, but you lose money being brown.” Financial analysis makes a case for divesting of fossil fuels entirely for reasons of market economy. [Financial News]

Economics and Finance:

  • Solar power panel prices may stabilize this year and the market is expected to grow past $134 billion annually by 2020, according to a new report from Boulder-based Navigant Research. [Denver Business Journal]


  • Germany has 1.3 million renewable energy producers. Small farm villages are increasingly becoming equipped with solar panels and wind turbines, while the big cities like Berlin, are developing new ways to take advantage of the incentives. [The Green Optimistic]


  • A study published Thursday in the journal Science has linked geothermal energy production in the Salton Sea area with an increase in local earthquakes. [KCET]
  • An NRC report on a problem that shut down the Harris nuclear plant for three weeks suggests that the nuclear industry tolerates punishing work schedules, creating conditions in which overworked technicians can make serious mistakes. [News & Observer]


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