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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 14 Green Energy News


  • “Clean, green can mean all sorts of jobs” Most people think renewable power means solar or wind power, and are fuzzy on the implications. One implication is all sorts of jobs for all sorts of people. [USA TODAY]


  • The UK’s Energy Secretary will announce a cut in subsidies for new wind farms as part of a radical overhaul of the electricity market. Subsidies will last for 15 years rather than 20 – effectively a 25% cut – starting with new farms built after 2017. []
  • The Financial Times reports that Queen Elizabeth employs renewable electricity, smart meters, and other green measures at Windsor Castle, including smart meters, conservation, and two Archimedes screw water turbines on the Thames. [SmartMeters]
    (The Archimedes screw water turbine is a low-head run-of-river turbine.)


  • Following its efforts in fuel cell technology, GM announced it has started working on a project with TimberRock Energy Solutions that would allow energy from electric vehicles to be added back into the local power grid. [Wall St. Cheat Sheet]
  • As the University of Maine prepares its bid for a long-term contract for an offshore wind energy farm, the school announced that it will extend its test deployment of its floating wind turbine will stay in Castine Harbor to a year. [Lewiston Sun Journal]
  • California has had a surge in people interested in investing in solar energy systems for their homes over the past couple years. They not being moved because it’s chic to be green, but because it makes good financial sense. [Valley News]
  • As a war brews between goliath investor-owned utilities and distributed solar energy supporters, solar advocates say they think the utilities have already lost – they just don’t know it yet. [Clean Energy Authority]


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