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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 18 Green Energy News


  • The Centre for Alternative Technology, released an update of its Zero Carbon Britain report saying solar and wind energy sources can be backed up by using carbon-neutral synthetic gas for a rapid shift to a carbon-neutral Britain. []
  • Saudi Arabia aims to become the world’s foremost market for renewable energy with an aggressive investment budget of $109 billion. By 2032, the country strives to generate as much as a third of the Kingdom’s energy demands using renewable energy (54 GW). [Arab News]
  • The World Bank has decided that it will halt the financing of coal-fired power plants and will allow it only under rare circumstances where there are no other feasible alternatives to coal. [The Green Optimistic]
  • Wind integration studies suggest that European grid operators could cope with more renewable power without adding big back-up plants, so governments need not intervene in power markets. This could be done by having grids increase cooperation across regions. [Business Recorder]


  • The Vermont Energy Partnership recently published its latest study, “The Three-Legged Race: Vermont’s Pursuit of 90% Renewables by 2050,” an overview of progress towards reaching the Vermont Department of Public Service goal of using 90% renewable energy by 2050. [Mountaintimes]
  • Arizona utilities can’t use electricity generated by burning trash to meet their renewable energy requirements, a judge ruled Wednesday. A chapter of the Sierra Club had filed a suit to stop a trash-burning plant near Phoenix from being counted as renewable. [Arizona Daily Star]
  • US power producers must reduce their dependence on water or they may be forced to lower output as drought and other extreme weather events curtail their access to water supplies, researchers said today. Coal and nuclear plants are affected most. [FuelFix]


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