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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

August 3 Green Energy News


  • Renewable energy projects in Chile have doubled over the last seven months, growing from 16 with a combined capacity of 795 MW of capacity in December 2012 to 24 projects with 1,493 MW. The 24 projects in the pipeline are comprised of seven wind farms, and 17 solar plants. [Natural Resources Defense Council]
  • The Canadian Wind Energy Association predicts that Canada can have 55,000 MW of wind power capacity by 2025. GE’s new 2.5-MW Brilliant wind turbine is already providing next-generation designs built for the Canadian climate generating higher output, even at low-wind sites. []
  • The International Finance Corporation has pledged to bring renewable energy to households in rural areas in Russia. It has signed an advisory services agreement with eastern Russia’s largest energy supplier to develop renewable projects in isolated parts of the country. [Energy Live News]
  • UK government plans to invest in renewable energy will not be pushed off course by supporters of shale gas exploration, also known as fracking, according to Ed Davey, Britain’s energy and climate chief. He said this after announcing a £66 million package to boost offshore wind in the UK. Responding to Climate Change]
  • UK Energy secretary Ed Davey warns there is no guarantee on when or even if a deal will be reached that allows work to start on the £10 billion nuclear Hinkley C nuclear power station. He says he is willing to see the project fail if a deal can’t be reached. []


  • Strata Solar will build and maintain two 20-megawatt solar farms interconnected to the TVA power system through Pickwick Electric Cooperative. TVA will buy the electricity at market rates under TVA’s Renewable Standard Offer program. [Courieranywhere]
  • The El Segundo Energy Center, a natural gas–fueled, combined-cycle generating facility located near Los Angeles, California, has gone into operation, with a capacity of 550 MW. It can be started quickly, in under an hour, allowing it to back up intermittent renewable technology. [Fort Mills Times]


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