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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

August 7 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

  • A team from the University of Colorado Boulder has developed a radically new technique that uses the power of sunlight to efficiently split water into its components of hydrogen and oxygen, paving the way for the broad use of hydrogen as a clean, green fuel. [CleanTechnica]


  • German utilities are heaping pressure on the government before September polls to soften green policies that are hurting their profits, with one company hinting it could even move gas or coal plants to countries where it can still make money. [Reuters]
  • Israeli Energy and Water Minister Silvan Shalom took part on Tuesday in inaugurating the country’s largest solar field, a 10-megawatt photovoltaic “oasis” developed by SunPower on land belonging to Moshav Mivtahim in the northern Negev. [Jerusalem Post]
  • The Japanese government will get directly involved in containing rising levels of radioactive water at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant instead of relying solely on the operator, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Wednesday, calling it an “urgent issue”. [Reuters]


  • Wind power became the number one source of new power capacity for the first time in the US last year. According to new reports released by the US DOE, wind energy represented 43% of all new electricity additions and accounted for $25 billion in investments in 2012. [Energy Live News]
  • The authors of the 2012 Wind Technologies Market Report contend wind sector’s growth underscores the importance of continued policy support and clean energy tax credits to ensure that wind manufacturing and jobs remain in the US. [North American Windpower]
  • The Obama administration on Tuesday told refiners to blend 16.55 billion gallons of renewable fuels into the nation’s gasoline supply this year, while paring a specialized ethanol requirement that the oil industry had criticized as too ambitious. [San Antonio Express]
  • Americans are increasingly installing wind turbines near homes, farms and businesses to generate their own energy, a DOW lab is reporting. The DOE issued its first comprehensive analysis specifically on distributed wind. [RenewablesBiz]
  • McNairy County, Tennessee is likely to be home by next spring to the two largest solar energy installations in the TVA region. Plans call for the two solar farms near Selmer to have more than 160,000 PV panels spread over parts of 326 acres, with a total output of 40 MW. [RenewablesBiz]
  • Xcel Energy is giving a financial boost to a first-of-its-kind Minnesota project that aims to install small wind turbines on private land to produce energy for farms, businesses and rural homes, with a $1.1 million grant from its Renewable Development Fund. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

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