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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

September 11 Green Energy News


  • “Even under Abbott, coal generation has no future” Coal-fired electricity may have little or no economic future in Australia, a new analysis has found. Even while the new government seems determined to turn its back on renewable energy, coal may not be able to compete with it. [RenewEconomy]


  • The main German political parties have recently clarified their positions on the future of feed-in tariffs and renewable energy in advance of federal elections to be held on September 22nd, 2013. []
  • According to a new report from GlobalData, the global market for high voltage grid connections could grow more than 10 fold over the next seven years to reach nearly $90bn a year, as a result of the booming market for renewable energy. [Business Green]
  • Germany’s mainstream power sector, needing a stable source of renewable electricity, backed its wind power rivals in saying that development of offshore wind will halt unless it gets fast assurances on future earnings potential. [Reuters]
  • Adding the new material Proinso delivered in the first half of 2013, which amounts to 27.1 MW, the company has totalled 62.3 MW in PV products supplied in India. Proinso has had a branch in India since 2012 and has 109 members in its International Network of Qualified Installers. [Solar Plaza]
  • Ontario will start paying wind power generators today not to produce electricity when the surplus cannot be used or sold, but the move will actually save ratepayers money. The province imported $500 million worth of power in 2003, but now wind power helps it export up to $6 billion worth. [570 News]
  • The true raw material footprint of the world’s leading economies has been revealed thanks to new research — and the findings don’t bode well, the amount of raw materials necessary to sustain the economies of the developed world is considerably greater than previously thought. [CleanTechnica]
  • The leader of Sweden’s Social Democratic Party, Stefan Löfven, was previously a strong supporter of nuclear power in his role as chairman of the IF Metall trade union. However, since becoming the leader of the opposition last year, Löfven has changed his stance on the issue.  [The]


  • Nearly 100 organizations and businesses have urged the EIA to reconsider how it develops its renewable energy forecasts. It noted, for example, the that the EIA’s projected renewable energy resources for 2040 had already been achieved in 2013, according to EIA’s own data. [Sustainable Industries]
  • The US biodiesel industry appears headed toward another banner year, driven in large part by a $1-per-gallon production tax credit through the end of 2013. Biodiesel production for the month of July reached 132 million gallons and year-to-date volume is at more than 768 million gallons. [Agri-Pulse]
  • Eagle Creek Renewable Energy has completed the purchase of 10 hydroelectric facilities in the north-east of New Jersey from Algonquin Power. The facilities have a total capacity of around 29 MW and will be integrated with Eagle Creek’s existing hydroelectric plants in New York. [reNews]
  • The US army has handed deals to 17 wind developers in the latest phase of its $7bn renewable energy drive. The Multiple Award Task Order Contracts will be used to procure reliable, locally generated, renewable and alternative energy for DOD installations. [reNews]
  • Mounting evidence of water contamination, air pollution and even earthquakes has been piling on fracking, while state and federal agencies have been scrambling to develop a platform for managing future impacts. They have been left in the dust because of regulatory loopholes. [Energy Collective]



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