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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

September 13 Green Energy News


  • Vestas will be providing 14 of the company’s 3.0 MW wind turbines to Bordelum III GmbH & Co., a citizen-owned wind power plant in northern Germany. Over a third of the 2000 residents of Bordelum invested in the project, showing the high level of support of renewable energy. [EcoSeed]
  • A senior official of the operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on Sept. 13 disputed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s assertion to International Olympic Committee members that the Fukushima crisis is under control, which helped Tokyo land the 2020 Summer Games. [Asahi Shimbun]


  • A collaborative research effort on plug-in electric vehicles was announced September 11 at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The laboratory, the Department of Energy, and Toyota will research integrating plug-in electric vehicles into the power grid. [Electric Light & Power]
  • EDF, the French energy company, has signed a supply agreement with Vestas for the purchase of the turbines totaling 80 MW for US projects. The utility has also signed a 200 MW deal with GE for a project in Texas, although the project names and locations were not disclosed. [Windpower Monthly]
  • In a visit to the DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Energy Secretary Moniz laid out the mission of DOE, under his reign, highlighting four key technologies to save energy and reduce carbon emissions: wind, photovoltaic solar, LED lighting, and batteries for EVs. [Energy Manager Today]
  • California has become the largest solar energy market in the country thanks in part to its incentives for putting solar panels on the roofs of homes and businesses. Now it’s also leading the way in installing projects that rely less on government subsidies. [Forbes]
  • Vermont Governor Shumlin announced that Bennington’s state office complex would be one of ten state facilities throughout Vermont participating in a renewable energy initiative. The complex was chosen based on its existing energy efficiency. It has the possibility of becoming a “net zero” facility. [Bennington Banner]
  • EDF Renewable Energy has announced it has closed on the membership interest purchase agreement to acquire the Heartland Biogas Project in Nevada. The 20 MW-equivalent renewable natural gas facility should begin to deliver biogas by the end of first quarter 2014. [Biomass Magazine]
  • A new Civil Society Institute report says power from coal, nuclear, natural gas and hydro are all struggling with supplies of water that diminish as the climate changes. The US needs to start planning to take water use into account, not just energy production. [PR Newswire]


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