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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

September 18 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

  • Just as wind turbines tap into the energy of flowing air to generate electricity, hydrokinetic devices produce power from moving masses of water. A new system consists of a string of submerged blades or sails, connected by cables, angled into the oncoming current. [Science World Report]
  • Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed an internal combustion engine that emits less than half the CO2 compared to a regular engine without compromising performance. It is a natural gas/diesel hybrid with fuel consumption equivalent to less than 118 mpg. [Science World Report]


  • The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change expects renewable energy to increase to meet over 37% of the nation’s electricity demand by 2022, in its latest annual energy and emissions projections. []
  • The financing for a 150 MW Ontario wind power project has been completed by Samsung Renewable Energy and Pattern Energy Group. The Grand Renewable Wind Project will produce enough renewable energy for around 50,000 Ontario homes. [EcoSeed]
  • India’s plans to harness its abundant solar energy and cut emissions appear to be coming into the daylight. Solar-powered air-conditioned coaches and Asia’s largest single-location solar power plant are just a beginning. [MENAFN.COM]
  • ABB has successfully commissioned the subsea transmission link connecting one of the largest offshore wind farms in Europe to the Belgian grid on schedule. The transmission link has an overall capacity to 325 MW. [Your Renewable News]


  • Google has signed a deal to purchase all the energy from a wind farm in Texas, as it continues to move to power all its operations using renewable energy. The deal is a 20-year power purchase agreement to buy the entire output of a 240 MW wind farm near Amarillo. [Business Green]
  • The United States Army has awarded Chicago-based New Generation Power Inc. a contract to develop geothermal power generation projects for Department of Defense installation. [EcoSeed]
  • A report from the American Council on Renewable Energy on renewable power in the US western region says that the 13 Western states produced almost a third of their total energy from renewable sources, compared to around an eighth for the nation as a whole. [Business Green]

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