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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 1 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

  • Kurion Inc. announced a breakthrough in the treatment of the historically difficult to capture isotope with a system to decontaminate tritiated water. The ability to remove tritium from water enables the safe release of purified water into the environment or recycling of reactor cooling water. [Fort Mills Times]


  • Russia has offered its first ever state-backed support for renewable energy, offering subsidies for 39 clean power ventures with a combined capacity of 504 MW. Solar power won the day, with 399 MW secured, while the wind power sector won just one-tenth of the 1,100 MW of wind capacity offered. [pv magazine]
  • IKEA is now selling solar panels at its stores in Britain. The housewares retailer has already announced plans to switch over to solar and wind power by 2020, but now it wants to help customers incorporate renewable energy at home. [The Verge]
  • Global remote microgrids are multiplying due to a number of economic factors.  Navigant Research reports that worldwide revenue from remote microgrids will grow from $3.1 billion in 2013 to more than $8.4 billion in 2020. [Fierce Energy]
  • Good Energy, a 100% renewable electricity supplier located in the UK, is celebrating reaching a major landmark in its continued growth, after welcoming its 100,000th customer. The report also outlines a profit increase of 23%, and notes “strong growth” in finances and customer base. [Blue & Green Tomorrow]


  • EDF Renewable Energy has inaugurated its 143 MWp Catalina Solar plant – bringing online the eighth-largest photovoltaic plant in the world. The plant is located in Kern County, California, on a 900-acre site. It has  82 MWp of Solar Frontier modules, and 61 MWp of First Solar PV modules. [pv magazine]
  • The Sierra Club launched an ad campaign Monday aimed at pressuring New Jersey Gov. Christie into making building offshore wind farms a priority. Approximately 75% of state residents favor building offshore windmills, according to a poll conducted by Monmouth University. []
  • After years of building wind farms, mostly in Maine and Hawaii, Boston-based developer First Wind said Monday it is expanding into solar power, with a 14 MW project in Warren and a 3 MW project in Millbury already underway. They will generate enough electricity to power 3,100 homes. [Boston Globe]
  • Xcel Energy said Monday that it intends to double the amount of solar power on its Minnesota system by giving customers the option of purchasing part of a central solar-generating array — a concept known as a solar garden. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]
  • Emerging Energies, a Wisconsin developer, won over regulators with a pledge to reduce noise levels at the 102.5 MW Highland wind farm. The developer fine-tuned operating plans to comply with noise restrictions after the board initially rejected the project in February. [reNews]

2 comments to October 1 Green Energy News

  • are there any homes to tour in Vermont that are completely solar energy efficient? could you give the locations please?

  • Yes Debra,
    There are many homes that are 100% solar powered. With a scheduled visit, you are welcome to come to see my own home that is 100% solar powered. We make WAY more energy than we produce! There are many places that are doing this as well. Are you referring to the National Solar Tours. Unfortunately we failed to sign up for it – but should have.. That does not mean that anyone interested cannot come. I welcome even the President of the USA to come to see just how well solar works! Send me an email so we can schedule a visit: info@greenenergytimes.

    I hope that many more places will also let Debra know of more homes that would welcome her. Debra, make sure to ck the Solar Tours in the state you live in: The national Tours are scheduled for Oct. 5th.

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