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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 8 Green Energy News


  • Microgrids might offer solutions both to the question of how we should adapt to climate change and the question of how to prevent climate change. In the process of doing so, they might offer solutions on reliability, security, costs, and employment. [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

  • A discovery that water droplets can jump off a surface while acquiring an electric charge may lead to new power generation methods, and more efficient power plants. MIT researchers think that this new discovery could be utilized for clean energy from the atmosphere. [CleanTechnica]
  • During an experiment at the US National Ignition Facility in late September, the amount of energy released through the fusion reaction exceeded the amount of energy being absorbed by the fuel – the first time this had been achieved at any fusion facility in the world. [BBC News]


  • Western Australia has some of the best solar and wind resources in the world. But for the foreseeable future they are likely to go largely undeveloped because the state government has indicated that it will not support any new large-scale renewable energy developments on its main grid. [RenewEconomy]
  • A campaign to persuade investors to take their money out of the fossil fuel sector is growing faster than any previous divestment campaign and could cause significant damage to coal, oil and gas companies, according to a study from the University of Oxford. [The Guardian]
  • Quakers in Britain have announced their support for a Christian charity that is calling for churches and the religious community to divest from fossil fuels. Operation Noah is a faith-motivated movement that is working to encourage the complete decarbonisation of the British economy by 2030. [Blue & Green Tomorrow]


  • The three largest California utilities, Edison International, PG&E Corp. and Sempra Energy, said they’re putting up hurdles to some battery backups wired to solar panels because they can’t be certain the power flowing back to the grid from the units is actually clean energy. [Bloomberg]
  • California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to restructure utility rates, increase the state’s use of renewable power and create a new way to pay solar homeowners for their excess electricity. The new law has a number of important provisions for renewable energy. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • Even with lower costs, the barriers to development of renewable power can still be too high for low-income communities. Solar non-profits, like GRID Alternatives, identify neighborhoods that could benefit from green energy, and volunteers rally together to help install solar panels on qualifying homes. [Huffington Post]


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