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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 11 Green Energy News


  • “‘Green taxes’ fight energy bills not fuel them” Despite “green taxes” being only a small part of the reason for rising bills in the UK, and despite their being the only part of the rising costs that actually helps reduce future bills, they are under continuing assault. [The Guardian]

Science and Technology:

  • GE has announced PowerUp, a customized software-enabled platform that will increase a wind farm’s output by up to 5%. For the average U.S. wind farm operator using GE’s 1.5-77 turbine, a 5% increase in energy output translates to up to a 20% increase in profit per turbine. [Your Industry News]


  • Ontario regulators have granted renewable energy approvals to three feed-in tariff projects, allowing developers to proceed to construction. The three wind farms have a combined capacity of 209 MW. Under the permits the proponents have three years to complete their wind farms. [reNews]
  • The Asian Development Bank will provide $500 million to build a power transmission system needed to deliver clean electricity from wind and solar power projects in Rajasthan in Northwest India to the state and national grids. [Your Renewable News]
  • SSE, one of Britain’s so-called ‘Big Six’ utilities has announced a price increase of 8.2%, which would add £93 to an annual dual fuel bill. Some comment blames renewable subsidies, but think-tank IPPR argues network charges and wholesale gas prices are far more important causes. [Power Engineering International]
  • Data compiled by the Japanese Agency for Natural Resources and Energy shows that Japan installed 1.82 GW of solar PV capacity during the second quarter of 2013, as published this week by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. [pv magazine]
  • The head of Ontario’s provincial government has set aside plans to build two new reactors, saying the current demand for power does not justify the expense. Ontario’s Energy Minister said the province’s surplus of electricity generation made investment in new reactors unnecessary. [Nuclear Street]
  • Key Austrian political leaders said Wednesday they were pleased with the European Commission’s move to reject automatically including nuclear as a “low-carbon” technology in revamped environmental subsidy guidelines for member states. []
  • Nuclear power’s rate of growth over the last 25 years is less than 10% of what it was over the previous 25. Now, it is the only mainstream energy technology that does not show significant growth. Its share of global primary energy supply has fallen from 6.4 percent in 2002 to just 4.5 percent in 2012. [Fierce Energy]


  • Silver Ridge Power and Google have announced that Google became a partner and will invest approximately $103 million in Silver Ridge Power’s 265.7 MW Mount Signal Solar project. The project is under construction in Imperial County, California. [Your Industry News]
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection announced that it would not recommend the state’s Climate Change Advisory Committee debate or vote on a plan that considers increasing the state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard. [Your Renewable News]
  • The oil industry fired yet another volley in its war against the Renewable Fuel Standard by filing a lawsuit with the D.C. Circuit Court against the Environmental Protection Agency over the volume requirements of the Renewable Fuel Standard. []
  • North Dakota regulators have approved plans for a $300 million wind farm in southwestern Adams County, after discussion about whether the state already generates enough of the renewable energy because its current goals have already been met. [Finance and Commerce]


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