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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 15 Green Energy News


  • Solar and wind energy production accounted for nearly 60% of Germany’s electricity use on October 3rd. At peak production, at noon, wind energy and solar energy were producing about 59.1% of the northern country’s power. [CleanTechnica]
  • Norway has more money than it knows what to do with. While leaders figure out how they want to manage the nation’s $790 billion public pension fund going forward, there’s real potential for an “unprecedented shift” in renewable energy investment. [Grist]
  • Chile doubled its renewable-energy target to 20% and may solicit competitive bids in 2015 for contracts to sell electricity as the South American nation seeks to spur investment in new power plants and curb its reliance on imported fossil fuels. [Businessweek]
  • Vestas has received an unconditional order for 108 MW of wind turbines for the Crucea North wind power plant, in the province of Dobrogea, Romania. The Crucea North wind power plant is one of the largest in Romania. [Renewable Energy Focus]
  • Germany’s green energy surcharge will rise 18% in 2014, from 5.277 euro cents per kWh this year to 6.240 euro cents in 2014. Chancellor Merkel is looking for ways to reduce the cost of renewable-energy subsidies. [Businessweek]
  • China has a new kind of trade deal that throws in loans to zoos. It works like this: Agree to export key energy technology to China; get a panda. Supply Beijing with the uranium it needs to power nuclear reactors; get a panda. [CNN]


  • The Colorado Highlands Wind project, Colorado’s newest renewable energy facility, has increased output by 36% and is now capable of generating 91 MWs of electricity following expansion. [Renewable Energy Focus]
  • Utility company Kentucky Power Co.  will buy renewable electricity from the 58.8MW ecoPower Generation-Hazard biomass plant, construction on which will take about two years. Kentucky Public Service Commission approved a 20-year purchase agreement. [BioEnergy News]
  • State officials are looking to modernize Connecticut’s portfolio of biomass and landfill gas projects and later this month. The state will issue a request for proposals for electric power produced by those methods as well as by small hydropower facilities. [New Haven Register]
  • Hawaii regulators have approved a new 20-year fuel contract between Hawaiian Electric Co. and Hawaii BioEnergy, which calls for the utility to purchase about 10 million gallons a year of locally produced biofuels. [Pacific Business News (Honolulu)]
  • E.ON Climate & Renewables Solar has dedicated its first solar projects in the US at a ceremony today. The projects  are in the Tucson, Arizona area and have a combined total of 15 MW of solar capacity. Tucson Electric Power is purchasing the power. [Sacramento Bee]
  • The 280 MW Solana solar station in the Arizona desert is one of the first large-scale solar plants with thermal storage that allows it to keep producing power as much as 6 hours after sundown, allowing it to better match output to peak demand. [Treehugger]



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