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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 19 Green Energy News


  • “Finally, someone must pay the price for nuclear energy” The great hoax of nuclear power, an endless supply of cheap electricity, is now before us. Someone has to pay both for decommissioning and the ultimate disposal of the nuclear waste. [The Desert Sun]

Science and Technology:

  • Superconductors could cut carbon emissions by boosting power transmission, transforming wind energy, creating more efficient supercomputers for climate models, enabling renewable energy storage, aiding train travel, and more. [environmentalresearchweb]

Investment and Finance:

  • Alternative energy is a long-term investment, but returns are already rolling in, says Edward Guinness, co-manager of the Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Fund, which is up a whopping 67% year to date. [Resource Investor]


  • Two of Germany’s big four utilities expect a stabilization of retail power prices over the coming years as falling wholesale prices for electricity will finally feed through after the boom in renewables added additional costs to household power bills over recent years. [Platts]
  • The Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan’s Alternative Energy Development Board has said about 5,000 MW of electric capacity will be added to the national grid through renewable sources including wind‚ solar and biomass during the next three years. [The Nation]
  • The high cost of electricity is undermining economic growth in the Caribbean region says OAS Assistant Secretary General, Albert Ramdin. He advised the Caribbean officials to explore renewable energy sources in order to address high energy costs. [The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer]
  • Coal may still be king – but not for long. Fast-changing economics mean renewables worldwide will represent 34% of all installed capacity by 2030, according to a report from the World Energy Council and Bloomberg New Energy Finance. [CleanTechnica]
  • Energy bills would be even higher than at present without renewables, Scotland’s energy minister has warned. Bills would be £166 a year higher by the end of this decade without energy such as wind, wave and tidal, according to figures from the UK’s DECC. [The Blairgowrie Advertiser]
  • An overwhelming majority of Germans polled after the election, some 84%, said the new government should push for a quick switch to an energy system powered 100 percent by renewable sources of energy. [Deutsche Welle]


  • In light of the devastating impacts of superstorm Sandy, a broad coalition of environmental and renewable energy groups is calling on the Governor to fight climate disruption by making significant commitments to advance wind power for New York. [Long Island Exchange]
  • Waste Management of Illinois broke ground on a new renewable natural gas facility in East St. Louis. The plant will create high purity methane from decomposing trash in a landfill, which will be used to power vehicles that run on compressed natural gas. []
  • A new report from the SUN DAY Campaign citing federal government data says new solar capacity in 2013 is 77.36% higher than that for the same period in 2012. Renewable sources now account for 15.68% of total installed U.S. operating generating capacity. [North American Windpower]
  • Officials in Ridgewood, New Jersey celebrated a switch to less-expensive power to run the village’s water-pollution control plant on Friday. The plant will be powered with biogas and is expected to significantly reduce the village’s demand on the electric-power grid. []


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