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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 28 Green Energy News


  • The upgrades to the outlook for the solar PV market continue, with analysts at Deutsche Bank now suggesting that some module manufacturers expect the global market to rise as high as 50 GW in 2014. [reneweconomy]


  • The first Energy Efficiency Market Report was just released by the International Energy Agency. In 2010, the most recent data year, savings from energy efficiency was greater than the output from any fuel source, including coal, oil, nuclear and gas. [theenergycollective]
  • According to latest energy statistics, Britain is more than halfway to hitting its 2020 renewable-generated electricity targets. Figures for the second quarter of 2013 show that 15.5% of Britain’s generated electricity came from renewables, and offshore windpower increased 50% from 2012. [Seawork International]
  • Scotland’s renewable energy sector has received a further boost, after the government late last week approved an extension to one of the country’s largest onshore wind farms. Nine wind turbines will be added to the Mid Hill wind farm, bringing the total to 34 and the capacity to 102 MW. [Business Green]
  • In terms of purchasing power, Berlin has the most expensive electricity in Europe. But steep electricity prices have not dampened Germany’s support for the policies driving high prices. Distributed power is mostly owned by local people and organizations who benefit from the policies. [Forbes]
  • A vast program of financing solar, wind and other renewable electricity technologies for developing countries using the UN’s new Green Climate Fund is being proposed. A report by the World Future Council suggests feed-in tariffs in developing countries as an effective financial tool. [Responding to Climate Change]


  • This summer, there were waiting lists for bus tours of the Lake Winds Energy Park in Ludington, in Michigan. The tour was created in response to the sheer number of people who would stop their cars and take pictures of the energy park’s 56 industrial sized pinwheels. [CleanTechnica]

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