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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

November 1 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

  • Increases in global emissions of CO2 slowed to 1.1% in 2012, down from an average annual increase of 2.9% over the last decade. This is remarkable, as the global economy grew by 3.5%. Meanwhile, the share of the ‘new’ renewable energy sources solar, wind and biofuel went from 1.1% in 2006 to 2.4% in 2012. [Business Spectator]
  • A multi-million Euro project has advanced global progress on capturing tidal and wave energy. Estimates suggest that 0.1% of ocean generated energy could be capable of supplying the entire world’s energy requirements five times over. [ Business News]
  • Lockheed Martin and Beijing-based Reignwood Group are to kick off design work on a 10 MW Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion plant in a drive to commercialize the technology. The companies signed a contract that will see the US giant provide project management, design and systems engineering services. [reNews]


  • Azerbaijan’s State Agency for Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources is preparing feasibility study for construction of hybrid power stations to work on wind, solar and biogas energy in 10 regions of the country. Each station will make 30 MW. [Azerbaijan Business Center]
  • German citizens owned 48% of the nation’s solar PV capacity in 2012, or roughly 15 GW. This compares to only 3%, or roughly 1 GW held by utilities. For overall renewable energy including wind and biofuels, citizens held 47%, or 34 GW, as compared to 9 GW (12%) held by utilities. []


  • Senator Markey, D-Mass., has introduced his first bill since joining the Senate. It would require utilities to get at least 25% of the power they sell from renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass, but 2025. The starting requirement would be 6% from such sources in 2015. [The Patriot Ledger]
  • Xcel Energy customers interested in solar energy will have a redesigned incentive for rooftop solar under a proposal filed today with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. The proposed system would provide an incentive based on the amount of energy produced, rather than making an upfront payment. [4-traders]
  • After Arizona’s largest utility admitted it had been secretly contributing to outside nonprofits running negative ads against solar power in Arizona, a utility commissioner is asking for all the key players in a debate over a solar energy policy in the state to be open about PR campaigns. [Huffington Post]



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