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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

November 26 Green Energy News


  • “The Answer to Climate Change Is Renewable Energy, Not Nuclear Power” While it’s too late to put the nuclear genie back in the bottle, let’s stop pretending that human political systems or organizational processes can manage the risks of this technology.  [Huffington Post]
  • “As We Consume More Fossil Fuels, Air Quality Actually Improves” For the record, this is sort of thing supporters of fossil fuels want us to believe. Using flawed logic, progress we make in fighting pollution is cynically implicitly credited to the polluters. [Forbes]

Science and Technology:

  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has published a research paper concluding that the US EPA has severely underestimated the extent of methane emissions, particularly from the oil and gas industry. [Newswise]


  • The Tasmanian Government has released a climate change strategy aimed at 100% renewable power. The Climate Smart Tasmania plan includes energy reduction targets across government, land use, infrastructure, transport and waste systems. [Yahoo!7 News] (The news articles say the date for completion of this project is 2020, but looking quickly at the government proposal, it appears that 2020 is an interim date, with the final date being 2050.)
  • A recent study from Bihar says electrical access in rural India is determined by proximity to the Central power grid, meaning remote villages in rural India would remain without power. They must turn to microgrids for electricity. [Hindu Business Line]
  • Weeks after warning that the government was treating environmental subsidies as a “political football”, the German-owned RWE npower is pulling out of the £4 billion Atlantic Array project in the Bristol Channel because the economics do not stack up. [The Guardian]


  • The pipeline of solar PV projects has grown 7% over the past 12 months and now stands at 2,400 solar installations that would generate 43,000 MW, according to a report released today by market research firm NPD Solarbuzz. [Quartz]
  • Bills pending in the Vermont state House and Senate would have Vermont’s public employee pension funds sell off their investments in any company which has as a principal business the extraction, production, or manufacture of fossil fuels. [Rutland Herald]
  • Lincoln Renewable Energy, a developer of U.S. solar and wind projects, today announced the commencement of construction of its 300 MW Hereford 2 wind power project located in Castro County, Texas. [ElectricNet]
  • New York’s largest solar array so far will sit on 47 acres of Freshkills Park, a landfill-turned-green space on Staten Island. It will be built and run by SunEdison and have 10 MW capacity, power approximately 2,000 homes. [Curbed NY]
  • Two new wind farms went on the map of Texas Monday. Lincoln Renewable Energy will have a 300 MW project in Castro County, and Miami Wind I, a 288 MW project is planned for the northeast Texas Panhandle. []
  • The monthly energy infrastructure report from FERC, tracking utility-scale projects, shows that through October, 190 solar units totaling 2,528 MW in installed capacity had been added in 2013, more than double the 1,257 MW for the same period in 2012. [EarthTechling]
  • Ecotech Institute has released its Clean Jobs Index, which shows more than one million job postings in the clean energy sector from July 1, 2013 through September 30, 2013. These numbers reveal a 54% increase and the rapid growth of the sector. [Fierce Energy]

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