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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 17 Green Energy News


  • “Fossil fuel economy has short and painful future” On the one hand, fossil fuels have a limited future. On the other, there is basically no limit to the potential of wind, solar, geothermal, co-generation, tidal, as well as new applications for bio-fuels. []

Science and Technology:

  • Over the last few years there have been many studies which have claimed that renewables could supply near 100% of the electricity needs of the EU and indeed the world by 2050, given proper attention to energy saving and the necessary political support. [The Ecologist]


  • In China, the growth of its electric power system is now being powered more by renewables than by fossil fuels and nuclear combined. Wind and solar are growing at a great rate, while nuclear is barely moving. [Business Spectator]
  • Germany’s new vice-chancellor wants to shape a new edition of Energy Transition that addresses the need for a fundamental change in energy markets, spurs investment in storage capacity and new transmission lines while taking onboard the concerns of all stakeholders. [Responding to Climate Change]
  • French Minister of Ecology, Energy and Sustainable Development Philippe Martin has launched a consultation on potential means to support the growth of renewable energy in the nation. The French goal is to meet 23% of energy demand with renewable energy by 2020. []
  • A new report from the Australian Energy Market Operator forecasts 100% of new power in Australia will be generated from renewable energy sources through 2020, with wind power providing 84%, followed by solar, at 13%, and biomass at 3%. [PennEnergy]
  • The amount raised by renewable energy companies in the UK increased from a few million in 2012 to slightly more than £1 billion in 2013, from institutional and some private investors, with five IPOs of companies specializing in renewable energy this year. []
  • According to an article published on, Energy Minister Greg Barker has pledged to increase the nation’s use of solar power by 800%. Recent research estimates that the United Kingdom will produce 10-20 GW of solar power within the next 10 years. [Greener Ideal]


  • Vermont’s Department of Public Service has unveiled a progress report on the “Total Energy Study” that will, by sometime next summer, lay out a road map for supplying the state’s energy needs with solar, wind, hydropower and other renewable technologies. [Barre Montpelier Times Argus]
  • Twenty-four senators are asking the leaders of the Senate Finance Committee to renew a slate of tax credits for renewable energy and efficiency, some of which are set to expire at the end of the year. [Huffington Post]
  • Iberdrola has proposed a new wind project in New Hampshire, with 15 turbines in Danbury and eight in Alexandria. It would produce enough clean energy to power approximately 30,000 average homes each year and 90,000 homes at peak production. [Today’s Energy Solutions]
  • Siemens will supply 448 wind turbines — its largest onshore order even — to Billionaire Warren Buffett’s MidAmerican Energy in the US. Each of the wind turbines supplied by Siemens has a nominal rating of 2.3 MW, making the total slightly more than 1020 MW. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

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