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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

January 13 Green Energy News


  • Edge Renewables, a UK-based producer of woodchips for use in biomass heating systems, has called for greater clarity on restrictions in place for use of infected timber. Increasing numbers of British trees are being felled to counter the threats by diseases. [BioEnergy News]
  • A high-level meeting of nine European Commissioners on January 10 exposed deep divisions within the Commission on the issue of 2030 climate targets. Commissioners of Energy and Industry want a 40% reduction, but others want no more than 35%. [European Voice]
  • Renewable energy in the typhoon-battered Philippine archipelago received a boost as the government issued a green light for several proposed wind and hydro power plants as part of efforts to become 100% powered by renewables within a decade. []
  • Australian Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has thrown his support behind the Renewables Energy Target in the wake of comments by the prime minister and other Coalition figures which suggest the government may seek to water down the policy. [Business Spectator]
  • Prices of wholesale oil, gas, coal and electricity fell in December in Ireland. The fall in wholesale electricity prices was the principal driver of the decline, largely driven by wind energy. Wind-generated electricity met a record 24% of the total demand. [Irish Independent]


  • New York governor Andrew Cuomo has put $40 million in prize money behind his push to bolster the state’s post-Hurricane Sandy storm resilience with community microgrids. [Energy Collective]
  • California has made public details of the first expenditure relating to the state’s cap-and-trade program. The plan proposes to spend $850 million next year to expand clean energy and benefit California communities hardest hit by air pollution. [Energy Collective]
  • Massachusetts’ electricity producers over the years have weaned the state from coal-generated power to a more eco-friendly mix of natural gas, hydropower and a growing list of alternative sources from wind to solar power. Challenges remain, however. [MetroWest Daily News]
  • With the growing interest in alternative energy in Massachusetts, solar power fields are popping up in several Attleboro area locations, including at Norfolk’s old dump and at Mount St. Mary’s Abbey in West Wrentham. [Attleboro Sun Chronicle]
  • A recent chemical spill in West Virginia got into the water system of nine counties, with the result is that 300,000 people have tap water that can be used for no purpose at all, other than flushing toilets. The chemical was there to clean coal. [CleanTechnica]



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