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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

March 2 Green Energy News


  • “Climate Impacts ‘Are Very Evident, They’re Widespread’ And ‘We Are Not Prepared'” The next big report from the world’s leading climate scientists is on impacts, it’s due the end of March, and it isn’t pretty. [Energy Collective]
  • “When Renewables Destroy Nature” The expansion of corn for ethanol in the American Midwest has worsened water pollution and soil erosion, and has had no benefit in terms of reduced emissions. [Energy Collective]
  • “Why is the Obama administration using taxpayer money to back a nuclear plant that’s already being built?” If nuclear power is such a good idea, why does it need financial help from U.S. taxpayers? [Washington Post]

Science and Technology:

  •  Almost exactly one year ago, First Solar announced a world solar cell efficiency record of 18.7 % for its thin-film solar technology. Now it has crushed its own record, cracking the 20% barrier with a new world record of 20.4%. [CleanTechnica]
  • According to Ethan Zindler of Bloomberg Energy Finance, recent price declines for solar energy have been “massive,” while merely “substantial” for wind, meaning that a global shift away from fossil fuels is no longer “theoretical.” [CleanTechnica]
  • The number of very hot days have soared in the past 15 years, according to a study in the journal Nature Climate Change reports. A study from NASA agrees, and one from the World Meteorological Organization puts the increase at 500%. [Energy Collective]


  • The Scottish environment minister, Paul Wheelhouse, says emissions dropped from the equivalent of 18.484 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2006 to the equivalent of 12.147 million tones in 2011. That is a drop of a third in five years. [SBS]
  • The UK has ruled out agreeing to a legally binding 2030 renewable energy target at the EU Energy Council in Brussels. However, the UK is prepared to argue for an increase in the greenhouse reduction target from the proposed 40% cut to 50%. [Click Green]
  • Mexico is poised to be Latin America’s solar hotbed according to Greentech Media, with the solar market’s installed base expected to quadruple from 60 MW to 240 MW by the end of this year. In La Paz, a dirty coal-burning plant is being replaced. [CleanTechnica]



  • In his annual letter to shareholders, Warren Buffett said Berkshire Hathaway’s utility MidAmerican Energy will have spent $15 billion on renewable energy investments by the time a handful of wind and solar projects are completed in the next few years. []
  • Consumer Reports has selected the Tesla Model S as their ‘best overall car’. Their choice is significant, because Consumer Reports reviews are based on scientific tests and they are the largest independent testing entity for consumer products in the world. [CleanTechnica]
  • U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer and U.S. Representatives Raul Ruiz and Juan Vargas (all D-CA) today sent a letter to Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell, asking her to designate the lands at the Salton Sea as a renewable energy development focus area. [Sierra Sun Times]

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