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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

March 3 Green Energy News


  • “The European Union Already Benefits From Renewables” Considering that the European Union is already saving money and creating jobs from renewables, why is it so unambitious on climate and energy goals? [CleanTechies]
  • “Vt. loves renewable energy, except when it arrives” But strong opposition from citizens’ groups to a variety of renewable proposals have some questioning the state’s willingness to turn talk into action. [Rutland Herald]
  • “The cost of coal puts renewable myths in perspective” No one has ever been diagnosed by a professional MD with wind turbine syndrome, but the town of Morwell is suffering from the effects of burning coal. [RenewEconomy]


  • There is growing interest in alternative energy investing, the search for high-quality dividend yield among green investments. So the Roen Financial Report has created a Green Dividend Yield Portfolio, a select group of high-yield alternative energy stocks. [Alt Energy Stocks]
  • James Hansen has pointed out that what is needed is to make the fossil fuels pay their cost to society. Right now they are able to use the atmosphere as a dumping ground free of charge. So what we need to do is add a fee to fossil fuels. [EarthFix]


  • The Renewable Energy Association has called on the UK government to back binding national renewables targets for 2030 at EU meetings. The first discussions on the energy framework will take place at today’s Environment Council session. [reNews]
  • A centerpiece of Germany’s new energy agenda is a “relaunch” of the Energiewende, an ambitious project launched in 2003 to produce investments in renewable energy. In the new plan, renewable energy targets remain ambitious. [European Public Affairs]


  • As the prices of solar PVs decline, other things increasingly dominate the costs of solar PV systems. Those tied to such things as customer acquisition and permitting are called “soft costs.” New financing structures can reduce them. [CleanTechnica]
  • An issue brief published by NRDC, “Tar Sands Crude Oil:  Health Effects of a Dirty and Destructive Fuel”, profiles evidence that tar sands activity is causing increasing levels of air and water pollution that are then linked to health problems, including cancer. [Energy Collective]
  • A bill recently introduced by the governor of Maine would do away with renewable energy targets and replace them with goals ostensibly intended to expand economic opportunities and lower electricity prices. [Lewiston Sun Journal]
  • As part of the economic stimulus package five years ago, Congress allotted $2.7 billion for Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants for local governments. Over 200 mayors filled out questionnaires explaining how that money was spent in their cities. [CleanTechnica]

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