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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

March 18 Green Energy News


  • “Can the Energy Sector Become a Climate Resiliency Leader?” The energy industry has the opportunity to become a leader rather than a laggard on climate change risk analysis by embracing the evaluation of risks and applying its resources. [Energy Collective]

Science and Technology:

  • To boost the range of EVs toward 300 miles or more, researchers are reporting new progress on a “breathing” battery that has the potential to one day replace the lithium-ion technology of today’s EVs. It is a lithium-air technology using air as the cathode. [Science Daily]
  • Greenhouse gases must be cut 40% to 70% within 36 years to prevent cataclysmic environmental changes, according to a U.N. panel’s draft report that urges an immediate shift away from coal-fired power plants. [Asahi Shimbun]


  • Huge losses at star Chinese renewable energy firms are ringing alarm bells as the nation vows to keep its growth momentum by investing in the environmental sector. Some large solar and wind manufacturers had loses, and Suntech filed for bankruptcy. [Chemistry World]
  • In Australia, University of New South Wales water engineers have studied pumped storage for renewable power and are urging the New South Wales government to consider it to help meet the state’s future power demands. [Phys.Org]
  • Clive Palmer could pose a threat to any attempt by the Australian government to dismantle the renewable energy framework associated with the carbon tax. He plans to develop a $6 billion coal mine in Queensland, but is a ”supporter of renewable energy”. [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • GE Energy Financial Services expects to invest hundreds of millions of euros in renewable energy across Europe this year. The company invests in projects individually valued at more than $25 million that use proven technologies. [Bloomberg]
  • The province of Utrecht needs a large numbers of super windmills along the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal and public motorways. The recommendation was published by spatial quality adviser Ingeborg Thoral in the report “Energy Landscapes.” [Utrecht Central]
  • Dozens of Greenpeace activists sneaked into a nuclear power plant in eastern France at dawn. As a demonstration of weak security, they broke into the Fessenheim plant and hung a banner reading “Stop risking Europe’’ on the side of one of its reactors. [The Daily Telegraph]


  • New Jersey Governor Christie’s administration expedited a rule proposal this week that would curtail Tesla Motor’s ability to sell directly to customers through its stores. Tesla wants to sell directly to customers because it is selling a new technology. [Energy Collective]
  • Customer-owned utility Midwest Energy and community solar developer Clean Energy Collective announced signing an agreement to build a 1-MW community solar PV array, the largest in Kansas, with panels owned by Midwest Energy members. [hays Post]
  • Small-scale biomass plants could provide substantial benefits to the economies of rural areas, as well as doing a great deal to help stabilize the national grid, according to new research from the University of Missouri. [CleanTechnica]
  • Vermont House committee Chairman Tony Klein, an East Montpelier Democrat, says he’s hopeful Senate changes to a bill passed earlier by the House will be accepted by his House colleagues so the measure can be sent quickly to Governor Shumlin. [Greenfield Daily Reporter]

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