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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

April 12 Green Energy News


  • “Are We Halfway to Market Dominance for Solar?” Electricity output from solar PVs is approaching 1% of total global electricity production, according to the IEA. That may not seem like much, but that 1% is actually halfway to the goal of market dominance. [Greentech Media]

Science and Technology:

  • In Europe, there are over 13,800 biogas plants pumping out 7.4 GW of energy. The market is expected to double there by 2020. Biogas is spreading rapidly in the US, used at 1500 wastewater treatment plants and about 200 at dairy and pig farms. []


  • Eminent bishop and Nobel peace prize winner Desmond Tutu has called on businesses to cut ties with the fossil fuels industry, in the same way as they did with South African companies during apartheid. [Blue & Green Tomorrow]
  • A radical shift from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy would slow world economic growth by only a tiny fraction every year, a new draft U.N. report on tackling global warming said on Friday. [The Japan Times]
  • The IPCC report says clean energy will have to dominate world energy supplies by 2050 to avoid catastrophic climate change. Right now, Over half a trillion dollars a year are spent subsidising fossil fuels – six times more than spent supporting renewable energy. [The Guardian]
  • When given the choice, 62% of UK residents polled said they would rather have a wind farm in their local council area than a fracking site, with just 19% preferring to have fracking nearby. [Smallholder]
  • In the UK, Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has taken personal control over blocking unpopular renewable energy projects until the election, as the war over wind farms intensifies. [Western Morning News]
  • Russian President Putin threatened the “extreme measure” of cutting off Russian gas for Ukraine unless paid for in advance. In a stark letter to 18 world leaders, Mr Putin said that, in such a “critical situation”, gas deliveries to the European Union could also be jeopardized. [Canada Free Press]
  • A UK community solar project launched in March in Plymouth has revealed it has raised £400,000 in just five weeks, meaning it can go ahead with plans to install free solar panels on schools and community buildings. [Blue & Green Tomorrow]


  • Maryland’s Republican candidates for governor say fracking for natural gas in Maryland is a better energy source than alternative methods such as wind or solar. Democratic candidates are wary of fracking and want to go with more renewable energy. []
  • Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has signed into law a bill providing a $5 million tax credit to a company that installs at least $300 million in renewable power capacity to supply its own plant. Conservative Republicans say the bill is unfairly tailored to benefit Apple. [Greenfield Daily Reporter]
  • Ikea announced it will purchase its first wind farm in the US – a 98 MW project about 100 miles south of Chicago. It will be Ikea’s single biggest renewable energy project to date. Ikea’s goal is to produce as much as it consumes by 2020. Other companies are doing the same. [Energy and Capital]
  • Environment New York released a new report, “Shining Cities: At the Forefront of America’s Solar Energy Revolution,” ranking New York City number 8 of major cities for the amount of solar power installed. [Long Island Exchange]

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