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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

April 14 Green Energy News


  • “UN: Time Is Running Out for Climate-Change Action” A worldwide push over the next 15 years is the only way to avoid the disastrous effects of climate change, experts appointed by the UN said Sunday. [TIME]
  • “Time to think big and turn to renewable energy” Here’s what we know so far from the IPCC report: we are in the era of man-made climate change. The risks are increasing and we are not doing nearly enough to manage them. Nevertheless, a different pathway is possible. [Herald Scotland]

Science and Technology:

  • A Toronto company has yet another way to store energy. Off-peak energy can be used to compress air into huge balloons in deep water. When demand is high, you turn a valve on land and the compressed air rushes out through a hose, powering an electricity generator. [Windsor Star]


  • Independent power producers (IPPs) using renewable energy had created about 14 000 jobs in South Africa over the past three years, Energy Minister Ben Martins said on Friday. IPPs either own and or operate facilities that generate electric power, typically to sell. [Independent Online]
  • Negotiations between London and Dublin over cross-border trading of onshore wind power have failed, according to the Irish Energy Minister. The breakdown leaves gigawatt-scale ambitions of various organizations unlikely to progress before 2020, if at all. [reNews]
  • Some reports have suggested Germany is slamming on the brakes to prevent renewable energy further pushing up prices. In fact, with these new reforms, the government’s main priority seems to be protecting big business while continuing to roll out renewables. [Business Spectator]
  • Unless Australia quadruples its use of low carbon energy by 2050 agriculture, coastal areas and their tourism industries and trade will be jeopardized, according to Australian National University’s Dr Frank Jotzo. [Yahoo!7 News]


  • Solar power was once derided as a pipe dream and many industry players have floundered, but while the use in this renewable energy remains tiny compared with fossil fuels, it may be poised to completely reshape the energy market. []
  • Delaware Technical Community College is home to the state’s largest combined use of carport, rooftop, and ground mount arrays in a solar installation. Standard Solar Inc. installed the 800 kW solar system at the college’s four locations. [Today’s Energy Solutions]
  • The United States DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory has warned that failing to renew the production tax credit could cause growth in the wind sector to fall from 8.7 GW per year in 2008-2012 to between 3 GW and 5 GW per year. []


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