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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

May 11 Green Energy News


  • “Wind Security Guards, Bald Eagles, Bats, High School Wind Manufacturers… (WINDPOWER 2014)” Mike Barnard, Senior Fellow – Wind, with the Energy and Policy Institute, provides his take on the American Wind Energy Association conference. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Stop global warming? Disputes over Md. wind farm, natural gas project show how hard it is” The scientists have given us dire warnings. So why is it so hard to do anything serious to cut greenhouse gas emissions to protect the planet? [Washington Post]


  • More than 10,000 protesters have taken to the streets in Berlin. Members of one of the largest environmental NGOs called B.U.N.D. said the German government is endangering the energy transition with their new policies. [Press TV]
  • India missed its target for new renewable energy the second year in a row. The target of 4325 MW, but the new capacity addition was 3640 MW. Renewable energy components include power from wind, small hydro, biomass, bagasse, waste to power, and solar. [Energy Sector News in India]
  • A few years ago social participation in the energy system was not possible in Spain. Now thousands of people from all walks of life are now taking part or investing in clean energy projects, like Viure de l’aire, a community wind energy project in Catalonia. [Truth-Out]
  • The Philippine island of Mindanao is currently suffering from a power deficiency of more than 300 MW because of drought causing reduced output from two hydropower facilities that supply up to 60% of the power. Investors are considering solar power. []


  • As President Obama made his way to California to preach the gospel of solar power, his words have become action back home in Washington DC. After years of waiting, the White House solar array is now fully installed and has been switched on. [inhabitat]
  • Westport, Massachusetts selectmen signed a contract to provide the town with low-cost solar-generated electricity at their April 28 meeting. The contract signed with Borrego Solar Systems last week will lower the town’s municipal electricity costs by between 25% to 30%. []
  • A Walgreens drug store in Evanston, Illinois is going totally off the power grid and generating its own energy. After installing 800 solar panels, two wind turbines and geothermal technology, the store will produce 28% more electricity than it needs. [Murfreesboro Post]

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  • “In an exclusive interaction with Anupama Airy, Founder and Editor of this website who herself has been asenior journalist and a senior Energy journalist with 23 years of experience covering energy, infrastructure, political economic issues and industry, the Minister shared his detailed views on Energising India and his roadmap for the power, coal and RE sector.
    We are confident of this journey and strive to be the best. So while this website is just few months old, we promise to keep our readers abreast with the latest happenings in the space as also focus on disseminating factual and unbiased information emanating from the corridors of policy and industry.”

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