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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

June 16 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

  • A new “suction bucket” foundation for anchoring offshore wind turbines to the seabed has the potential to reduce set-up costs of offshore wind energy by up to £1 billion ($1.7 billion) over the next decade. [Energy Matters]


  • The latest round of UN climate talks concluded in Bonn yesterday on an upbeat note, with a pledge that elements of a draft treaty aimed at curbing global warming would be circulated to the parties as early as July 15th. [Irish Times]
  • The Government of Kazakhstan will subsidize 50% of expenses to remote households that install renewable power generators. Rates per kWh were also set for renewable power depending on source: 19¢ for solar, 12¢ for wind, 10¢ for small hydro, and 17¢ for biogas. [Tengrinews]
  • Experts are now calling Germany the world’s first modern renewable energy economy. Germany already obtains 29% of its electricity from renewable sources, meaning photovoltaic, hydro and wind power, and power produced by burning wood or other biomass. [Inter Press Service]
  • Toshiba Corporation and Toshiba Solutions Corporation today announced that they have started to demonstrate a home energy monitoring system and community management system in the Lyon redevelopment area in Lyon, France. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Plans are underway to form a pair of state-owned joint ventures that will oversee the construction of renewable energy projects, contributing to India’s energy security and reducing reliance on conventional sources of fuel such as coal. [Livemint]
  • BT signed long-term Power Purchase Agreements worth £440 million with three wind farms in Scotland, Wales and Lancashire, adding more than 100 MW of renewable energy to help power its UK operations. [Converge Network Digest]
  • A massive Chinese state-owned company has been given $25 million by the governments of Australia and Victoria to develop more Latrobe Valley brown coal. Shanghai Electric is promising to build a $119 million demonstration plant to process coal into briquettes. [The Age]
  • The government of the Indian state of Haryana said it will implement an energy conservation action plan under which solar power generation will be made mandatory in different categories of buildings or areas with a suitable enforcement mechanism. [Daily News & Analysis]


  • Sonoma Clean Power, Sonoma County, California’s new electricity supplier, signed an agreement today with solar project developer Recurrent Energy, to construct 30 MW of solar power in California, and to supply the energy to SCP customers. [Sonoma County Gazette]
  • After introduction of an innovative, community-focused, solar project in Rutland, Vermont, NRG Energy is developing a similar project in collaboration with the Center for Energy Sustainability at San Diego State University’s Imperial Valley Campus. [Triple Pundit]

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