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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

August 16 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

  • It is now generally recognised that rooftop solar is comparable or cheaper than grid prices in many countries over the last few years. The big question now is about the combination of solar and battery storage. Some large organizations say it could arrive in four to six years, or even sooner. [CleanTechnica]


  • Sharp has launched an energy storage system aimed at large individual consumers that could “dramatically cut utility demand charges.” The SmartStorage energy solution stores a large amount of electricity stored in reserve and releases it selectively. [CleanTechnica]
  • Chile has made available $796,480 to finance small-scale renewable energy projects in rural, isolated and vulnerable regions of the country. Individuals and cooperatives can apply for up to $51,000 to help finance power projects, research and development, and training workshops. [Recharge]
  • Swedish wave power developer Seabased has installed 10 linear point generators at its Sotenas project off the country’s south-west coast. The company said this week that the 30 kW wave energy converters were lifted into place earlier this summer outside Smogen/Kungshamn. [reNews]


  • The US IRS has finally clarified rules regarding how wind projects qualify for federal tax incentives, leading analysts to believe that the industry can finally extract itself from the uncertain log-jam it has been in since the end of 2013. [CleanTechnica]
  • The best chance for ending the brutal California drought, a big El Niño, seems to be disappearing. Earlier this week NOAA said that the chance of El Niño has decreased to about 65% during fall and early winter.” And if we do see one, it’s likely to be either weak or moderate. [Energy Collective]
  • The California Public Utilities Commission plans to open a new proceeding to decide how to create a process for maintaining and growing the distribution grid that takes all the distributed energy resources coming onto the grid into account. [Energy Collective]
  • In Maine, the Skowhegan State Fair, which wraps up its 196th year Saturday with truck pulls and a country rock performance by the band Bad Penny, is being powered solely on wind energy this year after a donation by two wind advocacy groups. [Press Herald]
  • A proposal calls for a 280-MW photovoltaic solar power facility on about 3,000 acres of the 72,000-acre Jack Ranch owned by the Hearst Corp. in the Chalome Valley near the borders of Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Fresno and Kings counties, California. [Monterey County Herald]
  • Empower Energies, Inc., a leading Clean Energy Portfolio Solutions company, announced the completion and commissioning of a 3.7 MW solar array in the Town of Shirley, MA. The ground-mounted installation features 13,047 PV solar panels on 27 acres of Shirley Water District land. [Power Engineering International]
  • A federal appeals court ruled that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission was within its rights to require electric utilities to make regional transmission plans. The plans mandate that regional planning for new transmission infrastructure account for renewable energy integration. [The Hill]
  • DVO announced the first anaerobic digester installation in California. Each day, the digester will receive 55,000 gallons of solid and liquid waste from a nearby dairy farm with approximately 2,000 head of cattle. It will reduce the farm’s greenhouse gas emissions by 90% and provide power. [Renewable Energy Focus]
  • The US Energy Information Administration projects that natural gas-fired electric power generation in the contiguous US will increase to 1600 million MWh by 2040, a 1.3% average annual increase. [Energy Global]

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