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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

September 4 Green Energy News


  • “Fossil Fuel Divestment: A $5 Trillion Challenge or Opportunity?” Skeptics dismiss divestment as a peripheral threat to fossil fuel’s dominance, but it’s a major opportunity in the fight to decarbonize our society and slow the expanding impacts of climate change. [Energy Collective]


  • New findings from Navigant Research suggest that cumulative spending on energy-efficient buildings in Europe is expected to total nearly $800 billion through 2014 to 2023. The report analyzed the market in the European Union as well as Norway and Switzerland. [CleanTechnica]
  • The latest statistics from NPD Solarbuzz predict that by the end of 2018 there will be at least nine countries with installed solar PV capacity levels above 5 GW. But they expect China to surpass the 100 GW capacity mark in the same year. [CleanTechnica]
  • Renewable energy technologies are getting a boost in Africa, driven by the need to power base stations for mobile phone operators in rural areas that are unconnected to national power grids. Companies are selling phone chargers and enabling customers to light their homes. [AFKInsider]
  • Carbon emissions from the Australian electricity grid rose after the repeal of the carbon price, with analysts predicting further increases as coal-fired power takes a greater share of Australia’s energy mix. During July and August alone, there was an increase of 0.8% in emissions. [The Guardian]
  • SolarReserve, a US solar giant in talks with miners in Queensland and Western Australia about its groundbreaking 24-hour-a-day solar power stations, says Australia’s proposed renewable energy reforms are “catastrophic” for the local industry. [Courier Mail]
  • The Energy Minister of the Australian Capital Territory intends to rally state governments to implement their own renewable energy policies should the Abbott government adopt the “dismal” recommendations of the Warburton review. [RenewEconomy]
  • In a speech to Australia’s House of Representatives, Clive Palmer took the Government’s attitude to renewable energy to task. It appears Mr. Palmer believes the Renewable Energy Target review was a waste of taxpayer money. [Energy Matters] (Palmer leads a party that has three critical votes in the senate; if they do not vote to alter it, the RET may be retained as it is.)
  • More than half of the 160 turbines at RWE Innogy UK’s Gwynt y Môr wind farm off the North Wales coast, have been commissioned and are generating electricity. The milestone was reached last week with the 81st turbine connected to the National Grid. [News North Wales]
  • Wind power provided a record 41.2% of Denmark’s electricity consumption in the first half of 2014, power grid operator said in its half-year report published Tuesday. Wind energy accounted for 33.2% of the country’s energy consumption in 2013. [Wall Street Journal]


  • Duke Energy’s commercial business unit Duke Energy Renewables is planning to construct, own and operate 110 MW Los Vientos V wind power project in Starr County, Texas. Vestas, based in Denmark, will supply 55 2-MW turbines for the wind farm. [Energy Business Review]
  • Solar energy is quickly becoming popular with homeowners for saving on their energy bills and decreasing their carbon footprints as they do. In southern Nevada, a new program can provide homeowners with a rebate of 40¢ per watt to approved new installations. []
  • Palo Alto, California, a town of 65,000. boasts that, since last year, it is officially the first city in America whose electricity supply is 100% carbon-neutral. This is partly because the town has its own utility and owns a large interest in a hydroelectric project. [Slate Magazine]

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