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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 6 Green Energy News


  • “Why Warren Buffett Is Betting $30 Billion on Solar and Wind” Utility projects are attractive because they allow for continued reinvestment and add-on acquisitions, as Buffett has been doing since acquiring MidAmerican energy, the largest electrical utility in Iowa, in 1999 for $9 billion. [NASDAQ]

Science and Technology:

  • Younicos is a company that combines different kinds of battery systems with software to provide grid backup. A system of 2 GW, providing 1 hour of backup capacity, could replace all thermal power plants in Germany that are used for frequency regulation, providing for 60% renewables on the grid. [RenewEconomy]


  • In its bid to double India’s installed wind energy capacity over the next five years and to reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy plans to set up windmills at 500 places across the country. About 14,158 MW of wind energy is currently produced in 13 states. [India Today]
  • Bloomberg New Energy Finance data shows that Australia is on track to record its lowest level of asset financing for large-scale renewables since 2002 – as just $193 million was committed in the third quarter of the year. From ranking No 11 in the world in 2013, Australia is seeing its industry collapse. [RenewEconomy]
  • A pioneering green gas scheme in Scotland is set to benefit farmers, homeowners, and the environment. A new £10 million anaerobic digestion plant in the Borders will inject eco-friendly gas – made from locally grown grains – directly into the national supply network, supplying enough energy for up to 4,000 homes. [Scotsman]
  • In the English county of Somerset, there are two mills that were recorded in the medieval Domesday Book. Now, continuing the long, local tradition of imaginative reinvention to suit the times, at both mills the infinitely renewable flow of water through the valleys generates electricity. [The Guardian]


  • California just achieved a new record for utility-scale solar power generation. On September 29, 4.903 GW of electricity was generated by solar PV from utility-scale sources and concentrated solar power. About 2.8 GW of California’s solar capacity is not included in the data because it is not utility-scale. [Solar Love]
  • You might not picture former Secretary of State George Shultz as someone who drives an electric car, or has solar panels on the roof of his home. But he does — and Shultz has become a vocal proponent of action to combat climate change. He brought that message to MIT in a talk on advocating further efforts. [Energy Collective]
  • Ameren Missouri has filed its 20-year plan supporting cleaner energy in the state of Missouri, including major expansions of solar and wind power, with the Missouri Public Service Commission. Such a plan is filed every three years, examining how Ameren will supply electric customers’ projected long-term energy needs. [Fierce Energy]
  • Idaho Power Company has developed a Renewables Integration Tool (RIT) so grid operators can use wind energy more cost-effectively in Idaho and Oregon. RIT models and databases for forecasting weather conditions and the availability of wind energy resources are now fully operational. [RenewablesBiz]

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