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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 20 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • Morocco has raised more than $2 billion for the next phase of a huge solar energy project. The funds are being provided by international organisations including the World Bank and the European Investment Bank. The first phase, Noor 1, will be the North African country’s first solar energy plant, with a capacity to generate 160 MW. []
  • In Scotland, developers have announced that construction work on the world’s largest tidal energy project is set to begin next month. The MeyGen project, a 269-turbine installation, is expected to power 175,000 homes. Atlantis has secured more than £51 million in funding for the first phase of the project. []
  • India has offered to set up an insurance pool to indemnify global nuclear suppliers against liability in case of a nuclear accident in a bid to unblock billions of dollars held up by US investors over concerns of exposure to risk. Currently, nuclear equipment suppliers are liable for damages from an accident. [domain-B]
  • Lincoln Electric System says it has agreed to buy additional supplies of wind energy. The customer-owned electric utility says it plans to buy 73 MW by 2016 from the Prairie Breeze II Wind Energy Center in northeastern Nebraska and 100 MW from the BuckeyeWindEnergyCenter in Kansas. It plans to add 5 MW of solar power by 2016. [Omaha World-Herald]
  • A new analysis lays out several detailed “pathways” to a low-carbon future for the US, and offers practical guidance for policy makers. There are multiple ways we can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with known technologies and with an incremental cost equivalent of less than 1% of gross domestic product. [Natural Resources Defense Council]

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