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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 21 Green Energy News

Headline News:

“The Top Cleantech Buzzwords and Phrases From 2014″ Last year, “utility death spiral” was on our list of the top buzzphrases. A few months later, the Oxford English Dictionary included “death spiral” in its list of new words for 2014. Here is a collection of other new terms that might puzzle some readers, but nevertheless have use. [Energy Collective]

Global funds for India’s aggressive plan to install “ultra mega solar power plants” have begun to flow with the World Bank ready to support a 750-MW power plant. This is 200 MW more than the capacity of the largest PV plant in the world. The project would require a total investment of about $1.3 billion. [CleanTechnica]

Ameren Missouri, which serves 64 counties across the state, has a plan for future power generation that is close to what the EPA envisions. The plan calls for expansion of renewable energy, adding 400 MW of wind power, 45 MW of solar, and 33 MW of other renewables. Use of coal would be reduced, but it and nuclear continued. [Southeast Missourian]

The latest insights on groundbreaking desalination projects in the Middle East/North Africa region will be part of the International Water Summit taking place next month in Abu Dhabi. The summit  will examine the water-energy nexus and its long-term implications on regional and global food security. [Trade Arabia]

UK water utility Severn Trent has come under fire because two controversial wind turbines in Spondon (a ward in the city of Derby) are still not operational despite being erected a year ago. They were installed last December, but when they run, they appear as unidentified objects on the air traffic control display. [Derby Telegraph];

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