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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 23 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • A Norfolk solar farm, which at 49.9 MW would be one of the UK’s largest, has been given the go ahead. The plant would be built on the site of the former RAF Coltishall airfield, now an economic development area owned by Norfolk County Council. The first of its two phases should be completed before April. [Solar Power Portal]
  • The Ontario Power Authority is offering 332 new Feed-in-Tariff renewable energy contracts, of which 330 are for solar PVs and 2 for bio-energy projects. They total 100 MW, enough to power almost 13,000 homes. They include 121 First Nation and Métis community projects, 60 community projects, and 151 municipal or public. []
  • Following the financial close of Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, the first disbursement of funds has been received. The $775 million project is the largest single wind power project to be constructed in Africa. It is the largest private investment in Kenyan history, as the country is working to have 5000 MW of capacity. [Capital FM]
  • The current 45% drop in oil prices will only have a modest impact on renewables in many key markets, although the implications will vary significantly by geography and technology, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. They point out that a decline in fracking will likely make renewables even more competitive. [Business Green]
  • US corporates are stepping up to do their part on climate change. As the costs of wind and solar energy continue to fall, corporate purchasing of clean energy is reaching new heights in 2014, creating a virtuous cycle where demand drives scale, which lowers prices, which then spurs more demand. And there are other improvements. [The Guardian]

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