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Green Energy Times is available bi-monthly, throughout 90% of VT – the CT River Valley (from Brattleboro up to St. Johnsbury, Danville, Hardwick, etc., on both sides of the river); central VT, including Waitsfield, Stowe, Morrisville, and more; Chittenden County, including (of course) the Burlington area, the NE Kingdom of VT (Lyndonville, Burke, Jay, …), and the Islands in the NW corner, over to Middlebury and on down to Bennington, on the western side of VT.; as well as 85% of New Hampshire (Keene, Nashua, Concord, Plymouth, Laconia, Bethlehem, Littleton, Bath……). We are also in NY, primarily along the Hudson River area and upstate; Portland, ME; and the Greenfield and Northhampton areas of MA.
Our focus IS where we live – seeking to effect change here in the Northeast, to start with….

We are devoted to educate the public about how to take the steps we all need to take in order to attain energy independence and reduce our energy usage – enabling us all to lessen our carbon footprint on this planet. Our publication compiles information from many areas of expertise, including Renewable Energy options, Incentive programs, Sustainable living, Environment, Growing & Harvesting Food, latest News & views …

  • G.E.T. is put together by a passionate group of people who are living & currently using renewable energy. This paper is compiled, using 100% solar power! We are printed locally, in Lebanon, NH, on recycled paper using eco-friendly inks.
  • G.E.T. is dedicated to effecting change by publishing the information that will lead our readers on the pathway to energy independence. We need to prepare for our changing future and energy needs!
  • Our goal is to take you from the talking stage, to being able to make informed decisions so YOU will incorporate renewable energies & green living into your own home or business. We ALL must do this! Now is the time!
  • Green Energy Times is free to the public, available at convenient locations throughout the above mentioned communities. Each issue can be downloaded directly from our website.
  • Home delivery subscriptions are also available. Click here for subscription options.

Green Energy Times is published bi-monthly on: Feb. 15th, April 15th, June 15th, Aug. 15th, Oct. 15th and Dec. 15th.
Ad copy is due 2 weeks prior to publishing.

Ad Dimensions & Rates

  • 1/16 Page horiz. 4.875”w x 1.5”h … $160 … Full Color … $195
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  • 1/12 Page 2.3125”w x 4.125″h … $165 … Full Color … $215
  • 1/8 Page horiz. 4.875”w x 3”h … $235 … Full Color … $285
  • 1/8 Page vert. 2.3125”w x 6.1875”h … $235 … Full Color … $285
  • 1/6 Page 4.875″w x 4.125″h … $325 … Full Color … $395
  • 1/4 Page vert. 4.875”w x 6.1875″h … $425 … Full Color … $495
  • 1/4 Page horiz. 10″w x 3″h … $425 … Full Color … $495
  • 1/3 Page horiz. 10″w x 4.125″h … $575 … Full Color … $675
  • 1/2 Page horiz. 10”w x 6.1875”h … $795 … Full Color … $895
  • 1/2 Page vert. 4.875″w x 12.5625″h … $795 … Full Color … $895
  • 2/3 Page 10″w x 8.25″h … $995 … Full Color … $1095
  • Full pg. 10”w x 13”h … $1525 … Full Color … $1695
  • Business Listing $30 (in classified section), $50 (if located on specific section)
    Company Name; Contact; Address; Phone; Email; Website with up to 15 words descriptive tag line.
  • Classifieds
    Up to 50 words … $25.00
    Each additional word … 0.65 (x___ words)
    1 col. (2.3125″) x 1.5″ … $65
    1 col.(2.3125″) x 3” … $100
  • Guaranteed Placement
    Back, Inside Front Cover, Page 3 … +25%
    Other Guaranteed Placement … +10%
  • Discounts (does not apply to business listing and classified ads)

    • 2-issue contract … 5%
    • 4-issue contract … 10%
    • 6-issue contract … 15%
    • Non-profit discount … 7.5%

Contact Green Energy Times: 802.439.6675

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