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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Deadlines Coming Soon, Apply Now for Building Technologies Office Funding Opportunities

The Building Technologies Office currently has three open funding opportunities with deadlines quickly approaching, apply now!

Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) 2018 will fund up to $19.5 million for approximately 15-25 cost-shared projects focused on early-stage R&D to enable the development of novel technologies that can improve efficiency, reduce the […]

Upcoming Webinar: Using Commercial PACE Financing to Improve Efficiency and Resiliency in Buildings

It’s one thing to say you need to make your buildings more adaptable to unpredictable weather events and more energy-efficient; it’s another thing to actually pay for it. Resiliency upgrades often come with a high upfront cost, so where does the money come from?

Enter CPACE!

This webinar will introduce you […]

New Funding Opportunity Includes Emphasis on Building Energy Codes

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Building Technologies Office (BTO) has announced the availability of up to $11.5 million for a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) titled, “Building America Industry Partnerships and Research Priorities for High-Performance Housing Innovation – 2018.”

As part of this announcement, BTO supports research priorities in the residential […]

A Teaser — Better Buildings by Design 2018 Hit the Target

By Barb and Greg Whitchurch

Better Buildings by Design (BBD), an annual conference held in Burlington and sponsored by Efficiency Vermont, covers residential and commercial building, sustainability, building systems and remote monitoring, lighting, heating and cooling, building standards, construction techniques, regulatory policy, green energy, the latest in building science, energy modeling, and so much […]

Is It Greener to Take Showers or Baths?

And How Can I Save Water Either Way?

EarthTalk®, From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine

Whether or not a shower or bath uses less water depends on various factors including how much you fill the tub, how long you spend in the shower and the “gallons per minute” rating of your […]

Free Weatherization Services for Apartment Owners from 3E Thermal

Finding ways to help renters enjoy the benefits of weatherized homes can be difficult. There’s a program we wanted to put on your radar that might be able to help when working with apartment building landlords in your community. 3E THERMAL is a statewide program designed to help apartment building owners who are rehabbing or […]

Kingdom Bio Foam Fills the Need for Insulation

The McKiernan’s retirement home required insulation for an unusual roofing structure. Biofoam was the perfect solution. Images courtesy of Kingdom Bio Foam.

By George Harvey

Kingdom Bio Foam is a small insulating company in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Its story might best begin with an example of its work.

When Neil and […]

Intus: One Window, One Tree Campaign … and a little something about windows

Ground-breaking for the Intus “One Window, One Tree” program. Credit: Intus

By Greg Whitchurch

Intus Windows will launch its “One Window, One Tree” campaign on Earth Day, Sunday, April 22. For every commercial window sold, they will sponsor the planting of a tree, to contribute toward offsetting the carbon footprint of the building.

Intus […]

Weatherization Targets the Most Vulnerable with No-Cost Solutions to Home Energy

Harald O’Brien, Weatherization Crew Chief, stands next to one of SEVCA’s weatherization trucks, parked on-site at a home in Brattleboro. Courtesy images: Becky Himlin, SEVCA

By Becky Himlin

Increasing costs for basic necessities coupled with stagnating or reduced real income over time is a recipe for increasing hardship and inequality. Energy is one area […]

Aging In Place – With Grace

The Floersch home in Berlin, VT with solar PV field in the background at the right. Credit: Larry Floersch.

By Barb and Greg Whitchurch

Smack dab between Montpelier and Barre, VT lies the tiny Knapp Airport (KMPV) in Berlin. Not far from its north-south runway sits a cozy little house, almost completed, that will […]