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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

A New Metaphor

Rock Concert fire show (Les Panchyshyn, Wikimedia Commons)

By George Harvey

Freedom of speech?

Imagine being in at a really great indoor rock concert. You got a really good seat, about five rows back from the stage and right in the center of the theater. Exiting out will be a chore, […]

Still Committed to Climate Action

Thirteen states plus Puerto Rico (highlighted in navy blue) are members of the U.S. Climate Alliance. The states highlighted in aqua are other areas whose governing officials have expressed support for the Paris Agreement. Image: Wikipedia.

By Green Energy Times Staff

The United States Climate Alliance was announced immediately after President Trump […]

OK, US Government – See You in Court

Dr. James Hansen. Image: Flickr

By James Hansen and Sophie Kivlehan

We are a 76-year-old grandfather and his oldest grandchild, who just graduated from high school in Pennsylvania. We are among 22 plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by Our Children’s Trust on behalf of young people and future generations against the federal […]

Positive Disruption

Hope from Rocky Mountain Institute

By George Harvey

Recent news on climate change has looked rather dismal. For those who feel dismayed, I have some good news. A report was issued by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), just as Green Energy Times is going to press. It is full of hope. The report, “Positive Disruption” […]

Be Grateful for Global Society

By Dr. Alan K. Betts

Our cool season garden has grown well in June and July with so much rain. By the summer solstice, the last of the head lettuce that had wintered over was gone, but many more rows planted this spring headed up as the weather warmed. By late June we were eating […]

Vermont Climate Change Research News:

VT Climate Action Commission, Outbreak of Tent Caterpillars, and Rediscovery of Winged Loosestrife

Forest tent caterpillar.

by Kirsti Blow, Center for Research on Vermont

Following 14 states’ creation of the U.S. Climate Alliance in a vow to uphold the 2015 Paris Agreement, Governor Phil Scott has established a Vermont offshoot—the Vermont Climate Action […]

Ticks, Diseases, and Climate Change

Perhaps this is the real cause of Lyme disease. Photo: downtowngal, Wikimedia Commons.

By George Harvey

I spent an appreciable part of my childhood at a house in the southwest corner of New Hampshire. In those days, sixty years ago, we had a lot of mosquitoes. In fact, we could not go […]

Climate Change and the Water Cycle

E-book by Climate Reality Project

Cyclone Catarina, from the International Space Station on March 26, 2004. This was the first hurricane ever observed on the South Atlantic Ocean. The climate is changing. NASA image

By Rick Wackernagel

The Climate Reality Project recently released an e-book “Climate Change and the Water Cycle: […]

Vermont’s Opportunity to Act on Climate

New Climate Action Commission Creates Potential Venue for Real Progress

By Johanna Miller

In June, the Trump administration abdicated their responsibility to act on climate change when they withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement. That left the U.S. in isolation from every other nation in the world who has committed to […]

Events Focus on Climate Action’s Economic Opportunity

While the new creation of the Vermont Climate Action Commission is an important step, it’s not charting new territory. There has been needed, growing momentum for this type of challenge-to-opportunity response. Here are a few specific opportunities for you to learn more about and get engaged in two of those important efforts, including: