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SaveOnEnergy 2017 Green Report: Top Universities in the U.S.®, is constantly on the lookout for noteworthy progress in eco-friendliness and sustainability. The belief is that change is not made all at once, but achieved through the collective efforts of individuals and organizations working together toward the greater good of protecting our planet. Recently,® took a look at universities in the U.S. that […]

All Progress is Local:

Climate Action is Up to Cities and States Now

By Ben Jervey, Institute for Energy and the Environment, Vermont Law School

If President Donald Trump sticks to pledges he made on the campaign trail—and so far he is proving to do just that—the federal government won’t be taking any action to reduce national greenhouse gas […]

Plymouth New Hampshire Regional High School Energy Efficiency Upgrades

The Froling Energy crew stands by the new 42 ton wood chip silo which is 19 feet in diameter and 30 feet high.

School Administrative Unit (SAU) 48 in Plymouth, New Hampshire has just completed a $2 million energy retrofit project at Plymouth Regional High School. The project was designed by Energy Efficient Investments […]

Ways Higher Education Institutions Can Go Green

By Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss

In recent years, colleges and universities have recognized the capacity for their independent communities to lead the nation as examples of sustainable and carbon-neutral institutions. Colleges in the U.S. and around the world have introduced conservation measures to reduce waste, installed solar panels to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, […]

Tips for Making Thanksgiving Greener and Less Wasteful

EarthTalk® – From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine

Ah, Thanksgiving! For many of us, it’s the favorite holiday because it revolves around togetherness and inclusiveness and preparing and eating our favorite foods—and usually doesn’t include any overt commercialism. But just because you don’t have to […]

Local Schools are Going Solar

Rooftop solar system on Kumball Union Academy’s Miller Bicentennial Hall. Meridan, New Hampshire. Photo courtesy of Norwich Technologies

With Help from Norwich Technologies

By N. R. Mallery

Norwich Technologies has been long interested in education as a driving force for widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies. It comes as no surprise that […]

I Have a Stream: Conduit-Based Micro-Hydro

In this microhydro system, water is diverted into a penstock. Conduit-based systems use pipes that are already serving other purposes like irrigation or wastewater. Credit: U.S. Department of Energy

by Russell King

The classic picture of hydropower is that of a large concrete dam that spans the breadth of a river, providing water and […]

Vermont Energy Education Program to Expand Its K-12 Programming to Western New Hampshire

Students at Cabot School in Vermont tackle a wind engineering challenge in a VEEP Renewables by Design in-class workshop, March 2016. Photo courtesy of VEEP/Aaron Heyerdahl.

The Vermont Energy Education Program (VEEP) will bring its hands-on programming across the Connecticut River to New Hampshire teachers and schools in the coming school year.

Huge Solar … just in time for Schools

Groundbreaking for Hampshire College’s 4.7 MW solar array is underway. Courtesy photo.

By George Harvey

Hampshire College’s New Solar System

In 2015, Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, announced it was planning to be the first liberal arts college in the United States to be powered entirely by its own solar […]

Schedule your VEEP kits and in-class workshops for the coming school year

Kits VEEP lends curriculum resource kits to schools that include all the equipment you need to support energy and climate education. Reserve your kit for the fall now to ensure you can borrow one during the dates you prefer!

To see details of our kits and to request a kit, visit the Kits page at VEEP’s website and fill […]