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Corporate Sustainability: Look Who Is Leading the Way

The Drive Toward Corporate Sustainability Increases Globally

At around 5MW, Apple’s new solar roof could make it among the biggest in the US. Photo:

by Hope O’Shaughnessy

As global sentiment continues to build for a more sustainable planet, corporations are increasingly adopting more sustainable business practices. The Paris Climate Agreement provided […]

Tesla and Panasonic Making Solar Cells in Buffalo

Rendering of the Tesla-Panasonic solar factory in Buffalo (Image by SolarCity)

By Green Energy Times Staff

With its acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla now makes solar cells and modules in addition to electric cars and batteries. It has entered into a partnership with Panasonic to begin manufacturing photovoltaic products in a facility in […]

Financing Clean Energy in Vermont

Small steps can lead to important results.

A Vermont clean energy financing program could leverage more than $123 million – Graphs from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

By George Harvey

In December, The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) published a study, “Financing Clean Energy: A Powerful Tool for Driving Investment in Vermont’s […]

Nation’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Gets Green Light

By Kit Kennedy, EcoWatch

With permission from EcoWatch

New York State made clean energy history on January 25, 2017, when the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) approved a contract for the nation’s largest offshore wind project, which will be located in the waters off Eastern Long Island. The approval is the first step toward […]

Renewables Progress in Massachusetts

Wind turbine in Hull MA. CC by SA

By George Harvey

In December, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center released the 69-page “2016 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report,” providing information on how clean businesses are performing in the state. Its information is very encouraging. (

The report says clean technology is […]

Vermont Department of Public Service seeks comments on renewable energy programs

The Department of Public Service is now writing a report about renewable energy programs and is seeking public input. This will be the first biennial report about the Renewable Energy Standard (RES) and Standard Offer (SO) programs. It will assess of the effectiveness of Vermont’s renewable energy programs, discuss energy efficiency, describe how renewable energy […]

Can We Save Fossil Fuels? Really?

And why would we want to?

This strip mine near Morristown, Ohio was once a mountain top. Route 70 is in the background. Photo credit: EPA.

By George Harvey

Our president-elect has said he wants to resurrect the coal industry and reduce regulations on oil and gas so they can prosper again. […]

ViZn Flow Batteries

Schematic rendering: Internal schematic of ViZn Energy’s GS200. Photos: ViZn Energy Systems

By George Harvey

Flow batteries have long offered a hope of low-cost, safe energy storage. With many potential designs for flow batteries, we have been waiting for one to come along that may have an effect on the ability of […]

This Unique Combo of Wind And Hydro Power Could Revolutionize Renewable Energy

Aerial view of the Swabian-Franconian Forest in Germany, where the first wind farm with an integrated hydropower plant will be operational by the end of 2018. Photos – Copyright: Naturspeicher GmbH.

By Tobey Grumet, Oct 16, 2016

Wind is a clean, cheap source of renewable energy, but it’s also fickle. You can never […]

Heat Pumps Are Not Necessarily Free from Fossil Fuels

by G.E.T. staff

The October 2016 issue of Green Energy Times had two different articles on heat pumps. Based on the comments we received, we wish to clarify the relationship of heat pumps to fossil fuel consumption.

Heat pumps are highly efficient, in terms of the amount of heat they deliver versus […]