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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Energy entrepreneur hopes to bring commuter rail to Vermont

EVolution of the EV

Nissan Leaf charging. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

By Greg and Barbara Whitchurch

Our previous article on electric vehicles (EVs) was “How Has Going Electric (car, not guitar) Changed Our Lifestyle?” ( in the April issue of Green Energy Times. In it, we shared our general lifestyle experiences with our “new” (used) 2015 Leaf. […]

Volvo Announces a Historic End to Combustion Engines

Norway, India, and other countries begin to ban conventional vehicles.

Nissan Leaf being charged. Photo: Jakob Härter, Wikimedia Commons.

By George Harvey

It has actually been over a year since India, Norway, and the Netherlands started getting serious about banning vehicles that were entirely powered by gasoline or diesel oil. The Netherlands […]

Upper Valley Electric Vehicle Expo

Barbara Duncan checks out a Smart EV at the 2014 Montshire EV event. Photo: Dave Roberts.

by Karl Kemnitzer

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have been improving, and they now include some of the fastest and most comfortable cars made. But while a car that needs almost no maintenance, makes no noise, costs a […]

All-Electric – Long Range – Affordable

By Dave Roberts

For the past five years of plug-in electric vehicle (EV) availability, you could select from a multitude of EV models that covered two out of those three characteristics in the title. Over the past six months, a remarkable shift has begun that is getting automakers closer than ever to meeting this triumvirate […]

Next Step for Colebrook’s Green Grocer: Electric Vehicle Chargers

With the panels of his solar PV array in the background, Guy LaPerle, owner of LaPerle’s IGA in Colebrook, marked the opening of New Hampshire’s northernmost public charging station by topping off NHEC’s all-electric Chevrolet Bolt.

By Seth Wheeler, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative

A large swath of New Hampshire’s North Country just became more […]

Marchionne’s Bet Against History

Sergio Marchionne with Fiat.

By Carl Pope

The news that Fiat-Chrysler is the latest auto-maker caught having massively – and probably illegally – exceeded allowable emission levels for its diesel cars raises a major question: will this crisis shake Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne’s long standing bet against history, in particular against the […]

Adding an Electric Assist to Your Bike!

By George Harvey

Have an old bike you are not using for one reason or another? Maybe you should add an electric assist!

When I gave up my last car, a 2001 Prius, my world shrank to only those places within walking distance. I was able to expand the range again […]

Why Ride an Electric Bike?

By Larry Gilbert

After selling and promoting e-bikes for five years, I found there are a handful of common reasons people find an e-bike to be a great investment. There are four very common reasons people purchase an e-bike.

Tim Maker of Calais tries an e-bike at an electric vehicle demo last year. Courtesy […]

Electric Buses Trials in Vermont and New Hampshire

A BYD electric bus. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

By George Harvey

In February of 2017, Green Energy Times ran a story, “Electric Bus Trials in Vermont and New Hampshire,” describing what were then upcoming trials of an electric bus in Vermont. The bus to be used for the test was a forty-foot […]