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Net Zero Montpelier 2030 Design Competition

And the Winner of the $10k Prize is ‘Team Bridges’!

Dan Jones (left) and Deb Sachs present Team Bridgeswith a $10k check as the winners of the Net-Zero MP2030 competition. Courtesy images

Net Zero Vermont Inc. announced the winning design team for the Montpelier 2030 Design Competition $10K prize is “Team Bridges,” a collaboration […]

Myths and Magic Surrounding

The ‘Pre-Fab’ Boom

A pre-fab home under construction as a boom-truck lowers a section into position. Courtesy photos

By John Connell

Though currently the darling of residential design and construction media, “prefab” is much more than a passing fashion. Much more likely to pass is the notion that prefab necessarily implies cheap […]

Why Build to the Passive House Standard?

Whitchurch Passive House cottage. Courtesy photo

By Barbara and Gregory Whitchurch

Over the years, Green Energy Times has run quite a few articles about Passive House, so it’s likely you’ve seen the term. (Don’t confuse it with “passive solar,” which is just one aspect of Passive House). So what exactly is it, and why […]

Weatherize Upper Valley Sees Strong Kick-Off Launch

Julia Lloyd Wright and Danny Bonta – hanging the banner for the Weathersfield area kick-of

By Sarah Brock

More than 130 Upper Valley residents turned out last month for a series of Weatherize Upper Valley Kick-Off events in Norwich, Randolph, Royalton, and Weathersfield.

The events marked the beginning of Weatherize Upper Valley, a five-month […]

Commons Energy Offers New Approach for Public Purpose Buildings to Save Energy

The Darling Inn received comprehensive energy upgrades. Photo: Craig Simmons.

By Zoe Dawson

Commons Energy offers a comprehensive approach to reducing energy and water use for owners of buildings that serve a public purpose. These buildings include multifamily affordable housing, schools, health care facilities, houses of worship, community centers, and municipal buildings.


Energy Department’s Interior Lighting Campaign Nets $13.5 Million in Energy Savings in First Year

Green Lease Leaders Program Is Advancing Rapidly

Better Buildings Alliance technology and market campaigns show-off indoor lighting technology upgrades and green leasing best practices.

The Energy Department recently announced the results of this year’s Better Buildings Alliance technology and market campaigns. Through partnerships with public and private sector organizations, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) […]

Going Green in Tamworth, NH

Mt. Washington Valley Habitat for Humanity exceeds standard energy efficiency codes

Evan, Oaken (the little guy) and Deni Shangraw, with Marianne Jackson, Habitat for Humanity board member, right, on the day the family received the keys from Habitat. Courtesy photo.

By Marianne Jackson and Dick Ficke

After a year of planning and building, the […]

Building Codes and Climate


From Green Builder Media

The connection between codes and the climate may, at first blush, seem indirect. However, the two are intricately connected. Codes are designed to make homes and buildings stronger, safer, healthier, and more durable. They’re designed to improve performance and energy savings. And in so doing, codes play a […]

Weatherize Upper Valley Kicks Off: January 2017

By Sarah Brock, Vital Communities

Remember Solarize Upper Valley? Two years, 24 towns, dozens of volunteers, and over 370 new solar homes. The last round of Solarize ended in late 2015. Now Vital Communities is back with Weatherize Upper Valley, kicking off in 14 Vermont towns this January.

Home energy efficiency projects are the best […]

Proctor Academy Continues To Blaze Sustainable Path

With New Dining Commons

The spacious new net-zero ready Brown Dining Commons on the campus of Proctor Academy in Andover, NH. Photo courtesy Proctor Academy

By Hope O’Shaughnessy

Proctor Academy, an independent day and boarding school located in Andover, New Hampshire, added another milestone to their long history of environmental stewardship. They recently unveiled […]