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Geothermal Seminar

Join the New England Geothermal Professional Association (NEGPA) for their bi-monthly Geothermal Seminars – non-members are welcome to attend as well! Topics for discussion in this seminar will include:

Seasonal thermal energy storage for sustainable heating & cooling Case study of a thermal powered building in Portsmouth, NH


Mark A. Worthington, Underground Energy, […]

Wood Burning and the Environment

Jotul Oslo stove installed in Vermont.Photo courtesy of Friends of the Sun, Brattleboro, VT

Burning wood produces environmental impacts. These impacts are reduced considerably when done responsibly.

Responsible wood heating should be defended from criticism that it is bad for the environment. In fact it should be promoted on environmental grounds.

When we talk […]

Q&A: What You Need to Know About Air-Source Heat Pumps

This passive house utilizes only one ductless heat pump for all of its cooling and heating. Photos courtesy of Steven Winter Associates

By Robb Aldrich

More and more homeowners are investing in air-source heat pumps (ASHPs) to heat and cool their homes and move away from fossil fuels. Manufacturers and distributors have seen double-digit […]

Heat Pumps for Heat? Imagine That!

by New Hampshire Electric Cooperative

With the advent of multi-head, ductless heat pumps that maintain their efficiency in sub-zero temperatures, New Englanders are using heat pumps for more than just supplemental heat during the “shoulder” months. They’re using them as a primary heat source and moving away from fossil fuels.

This new way of heating […]

Does Your Home Have A Heat Loss Problem?

Edited by N.R. Mallery

During winter months, heating costs make up the bulk of your fuel bills.

Thus it makes sense for your heating system to work as efficiently and as effortlessly as possible, and you can enjoy the warmth it produces without the worry about how rapidly the dial on your energy meter is […]

Geothermal Heat Pumps – More than a Niche

Residential geothermal example. Photo courtesy of Bosch Thermotechnology.

By John P. DiEnna, Jr.

Geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) use the Earth’s thermal properties, (the energy under our feet) to provide heating and cooling for buildings, along with water heating. It has had more interest by governments, utilities, developers, and users in recent […]

Geothermal Ground Loop

By Jim Ashley and George Harvey

From the point of view of general economy, there is no more efficient way to heat and cool most buildings than with heat pumps. The most efficient heat pumps are geothermal, which move the heat from or to the Earth’s crust, partly because the temperature underground is […]

Solar Has RECs. Now Biomass and Heat Pumps Do, too!

Mascoma Valley Regional High School’s new front entrance. Photo: Eckman Construction. 

By Jim Van Valkenburgh

Until recently, a biomass boiler produced only heat while a solar PV array generated both electricity and Renewable Energy Credits, or RECs. With the advent of thermal RECs in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, biomass looks even more attractive!


Geothermal Pool and Water Heating

Saves Energy and Increases Efficiency

Figure 1

By Jay Egg

Have you stopped to notice all of the heat sources in your home? Things like laptop computers, appliances, lights and people all create heat and are a potential source of energy that can provide domestic hot water and can be used to heat spas […]

Keep Your Cool This Summer – with Electric Heat Pumps and Solar

A multi-zone, Mitsubishi Electric 36,000 BTU heat pump system serves to cool and heat the Meriden, New Hampshire Library. The installed outdoor unit rests on a bracket to keep it above the level where snow can build up. Line-hide enclosure covers the refrigerant, condensate and control lines running up the side of the building.

By George Harvey

It might come as a […]